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Our monthly 48-page magazine features prophetic articles on Bible prophecy, the second coming of Jesus Christ and the end-times. Each month we feature six exciting articles from the world’s best prophecy experts, plus a full line of “Special Offers” from our prophecy bookstore.

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Prophecy in the News publishes a monthly magazine every month full of exciting articles about subjects related to Bible prophecy. Dr. Kevin Clarkson, our television host at PITN writes articles and answers your prophecy questions in his “KEVIN’S KORNER.” We also publish an article from the archives of J.R. Church, founder of PITN. Included are other articles from the best prophecy experts in the country, plus a full line of special offers from our bookstore. Twelve times a year you will receive our magazine.

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Evangelical Christians, We Need to Start Looking Beyond the Candidates

By Dr. Ronnie Floyd – Senior Pastor, Cross Church and President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

For the past nine presidential elections – intentionally or unintentionally – I have stuck with one clear principle when I go to the […]

25 New Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed

New fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls might contain writings from the book of Nehemiah, which will be a new addition to the many other books from the Bible already discovered by researchers.

More than 25 previously unpublished […]

Russia Isn’t Happy About US Cyber Attack Threats

The Kremlin Saturday slammed Washington’s plans for a retaliatory cyber attack against Russia, vowing to protect itself from Uncle Sam’s “unpredictably and aggressiveness.”

“The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented, because they are […]

Thousands flock to Western Wall for traditional priestly blessing

Thousands of people flocked to the Kotel for the biannual Priestly Blessing, recited there en masse during the intermediate days of Succot and Passover

Israelis from across the country, along with large numbers of foreign tourists, including […]


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