Doom for U.S. Predicted by George Washington

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Doom for U.S. Predicted by George Washington

Written by: J.R. Church

George Washington may not have been a prophet, but the concluding statements in his written inauguration address are coming to pass today!

The last page of Washington’s speech, handwritten by the first president, himself, was discovered recently and sold at auction in London for $306,000. Washington had handwritten 60 pages intended to be delivered at his inauguration in New York City, April 30, 1789. During the last century, each page of the discourse was sold to autograph hunters in America and Europe – a common practice in the 19th century. It is believed that the page was brought to England in the 1840s by the wife of Charles Lyell, a British scientist. The manuscript page was placed in an album of American memorabilia.

According to a Reuter’s report, “the manuscript page was discovered under a sofa in an old autograph album in a house in Suffolk, a county in eastern England, by auctioneers who came to value the contents after the owner died.”

Though Washington did not actually deliver this speech at the ceremony, opting for a shorter one instead, he clearly intended to share his vision of America’s future as a great nation that would not again submit to foreign rule… “until the people of America shall have lost all virtue: until they shall have become totally insensible to the difference between freedom and slavery: until they shall have been reduced to such poverty of spirit as to be willing to sell that pre-eminent blessing, the birthright of a freeman, for a mess of pottage: in short, until they have been found incapable of governing themselves and ripe for a master…”

This was the message on the page sold at auction in London. There are four statements that appear to be coming to pass at this time.

Lost All Virtue


First, Washington warned that America would be in danger of foreign rule when “…the people of America shall have lost all virtue.” That appears to be the case today as America faces the possibility of losing its sovereignty to a world governing body. The so-called “New World Order,” sponsored by the United Nations, is moving quickly to establish a world government by the year 2000. Our political policy makers are presently preparing to hand over our sovereignty to this malignant cancer growing in the very city where George Washington took his oath of office – in the very city that served as the first capital of the fledgling United States in 1789 – New York City.

Why is our government allowing us to fall under foreign rule – by the UN? Because our politicians have lost all virtue. They have turned their backs on the constitution they swore to uphold. The United States military has been effectively turned over to the jurisdiction of the U.N. United States Soldiers are forced to wear its insignia. U.S. troops are deployed on foreign soil under the auspices of the United Nations. There are several military bases across America that have been turned over to the United Nations. Tens of thousands of foreign troops are presently being trained in our country on U.S. military bases paid for by our tax dollars. The U.N. flag now flies alongside the U.S. flag on many military bases across the United States.

Why are the people across our vast country allowing this treasonous situation? Because, unfortunately, most Americans have lost the virtue that once made us a great nation! Today, one-third of all births are illegitimate. Couples think nothing of living together out of wedlock – products of a corrupt school system that actively discourages moral values taught in the Bible. God, holy living, and prayer are not only unwelcome, but also despised in classrooms. This scourge upon America is ripe for God’s judgment.

Recently, a Ball Park in Palm Springs, California, announced “All Nudity Day” for an upcoming game. The event was soon canceled, however, not because of an outcry of indecency, but because too many people had called wanting to come. The owners said they could not accommodate everyone.

The president demonstrated his lack of virtue when he vetoed a bill that would ban partial-birth abortions.  A court in Hawaii recently ruled in favor of allowing homosexual marriages! Judges no longer look to the foundation of all law – the Bible – for the basis of court rulings. Everyone does what seems to be right in their own eyes. This foolish action prompted our Congress to pass a law defining what constitutes a marriage. The whole sordid affair is absurd. It seems no one knows the definition of decency anymore. We have to be told in the lawyerly language of Congress what is right and moral. Congress has to define morality because they no longer open the old black book and say, “here it is! The Bible tells us what is right and we stand on the basis of God’s definition!” Oh no, Americans can no longer believe what is wrong just because the Bible says it is wrong. We have to have some high-falutin’ politician to push God aside and redefine morality for us.

We should be against homosexual marriages, not because Congress passed a law, but because God is against homosexual marriages. What can’t our government and people just believe the moral laws of the Bible anymore? Because we have lost all virtue. We are reaping the result of the Supreme Court decision to ban prayer and the Bible from the classroom. There is no foundation for morality left in our nation. We are ripe for a foreign takeover. We have lost all virtue.

President Clinton recently unveiled a plan to put a so-called V chip in every new television set in order to allow parents to block out immoral programs and filthy movies from their children. What he did not tell us is that the movie industry has spent millions of dollars over the years producing these filthy movies and have been unable to air them on television until now. Networks have had to cut and trim filthy movies for years – bleeping out fowl language and rearranging camera angels so as not to show sexually explicit scenes. But many movies are so bad they could not be aired. Now networks want to schedule these cesspools of human degradation for airing so they won’t have to continue airing so many reruns of Hollywood’s milder films. Watch out. Our president is preparing the public for more and more filth to be aired on television. Why? No virtue.

Unethical Business Practices


Today, honesty and ethics are declining across the broad spectrum of American society. The Disney Corporation is an example of declining ethics in business. Originally offering only family entertainment, they now produce so-called adult movies and actively support homosexuality.

Many corporations are downsizing in our nation while opening factories in third-world countries where they take advantage of poverty wages. Thousands upon thousands of Americans continue to lose their jobs because of the NAFTA and GATT treaties. The next time you shop for clothes, look at the label that tells you where they are made. I was shocked to find that most major brand-name clothes are made in third-world countries. Some are made by slaves in communist China. Some are made by enslaved children! They make as little as 10 cents a day while their products bring upwards to $50-$100 in America. Unethical business practices by US corporations fulfill George Washington’s prediction. America has lost its virtue.

Unethical Politicians


Never have we seen such a drought of ethics in our government. The very man who serves in the office established by George Washington appointed scores of homosexuals at top management levels in our government. He supported gays in our military. He may claim to be a Baptist, but he has no virtue.

Mike Barnicle, columnist for the Boston Globe writes, “There is something wrong with the way this president and his wife behave. Ironically, it has little to do with day-to-day governing and everything to do with character, arrogance, and hypocrisy.

“The FBI files seem to have been requested in order to see if there was anything in Billy Dale’s background to shut him up after the poor guy was fired from the travel office and forced to defend himself against bogus charges born out of Mrs. Clinton’s desire to purge career employees and replace them with her friends.

“Vince Foster and Webster Hubble both came to Washington because of Hillary Clinton. One is dead and the other is in jail. Zoe Baird, Mrs. Clinton’s initial nominee for attorney general…imploded after it was discovered she paid slave wages to a refugee for babysitting chores. Kimba Wood, the second designee for Justice…also went down for being cheap and stupid. Janet Reno, who got the job…proceeded to burn a batch of children…at Waco. Bernie Nussbaum, a lawyer who worked with Mrs. Clinton on the Watergate Committee 20 years ago… became White House counsel, where he apparently contracted amnesia and failed to notice anything wrong being done with documents the evening Foster committed suicide…Incompetence and insincerity are the problem.”

It is a sad commentary upon society where there is no moral leadership in the nation. During the days of Israel’s judges, anarchy ruled over the land: We are told, “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25). In like manner, America is presently on the brink of anarchy. No one feels safe anymore. Many have chosen to live behind locked doors, barricades and in closed compounds. Even the White House has closed off Pennsylvania Ave. Our cities are feeling the results of its drug infested areas. Drive-by shootings and gang-related crimes reveal the spiritual drought predicted by George Washington. America is ripe for foreign rule.

Freedom and Slavery


Secondly, Washington warned that America would be ripe for an international takeover when “…they shall have become totally insensible to the difference between freedom and slavery.”

Washington’s statement concerned the right of citizens to live freely – unencumbered by a dictatorial government. Our forefathers formed a government that was deliberately kept at arms-length from interfering in the lives of its citizens. There was no “federal bureaucracy” back then, only a “national government.” The states were sovereign.

There were no direct taxes of any kind – no sales tax or income tax. The national government was funded by the states. Today, however, states’ rights have eroded in favor of a power-hungry federal bureaucracy. The “Income Tax” was imposed in 1913 and has gained a stranglehold on every citizen. In the early years following the introduction of the Income Tax, the average man paid only $12.00. But today, the Income Tax is so oppressive it hinders productivity. Yet, Americans are led to believe that it’s just the way things are. We have become virtual slaves to an ever-growing bureaucracy – just as Washington predicted.

Thirdly, Washington warned that America would be ripe for a world government when “…they shall have been reduced to such poverty of spirit as to be willing to sell that pre-eminent blessing, the birthright of freeman, for a mess of pottage.”

Birthright of a Free Man


Washington knew his Bible. He quotes here from the story of Jacob and Esau. For the desire of free food, Esau threw all caution to the wind and was willing to give up the future of his posterity. He had no forethought for the generations that would come from him. He cared not for their future. He thought only for himself at the moment. George Washington drew an analogy from this story and warned that someday Americans would be willing to throw away their future for a mess of government pottage.

When our government established Social Security, they promised a retirement plan for the elderly without thinking what it would cost future generations. They threw caution to the wind and bought votes with a promise they could not keep. At the same time, instead of planning to take care of themselves, unsuspecting citizens liked the idea of letting the government feed, clothe and house them in their old age.

I’m sure there are many who would argue that the Social Security check is a salvation and a God-send. Furthermore, the government forcibly took your hard-earned money from you, promising to give it back after 65. It’s your money. Why shouldn’t you get it back? I agree that one should be able to reap the benefits of investment – even if it be a government program. But the government has raided the Social Security fund so many times over the years, there is little money left. Present taxpayers are having to fund those monthly checks.

Instead of letting the Government buy votes with hollow promises, why didn’t you plan for your own future? Why didn’t you save a little bit each week for your retirement? Why didn’t you think ahead? Well, Esau didn’t think ahead either. I would remind you that the next generation will not be able to count on Social Security. The government is already telling us that the Social Security system will be bankrupt within the decade.

Medicare and Medicaid are other government programs that have caused more harm than good to our economy. Remember when Medicare was introduced, the average hospital bill was reasonable. Since the Government became involved, medical costs have skyrocketed more than any other segment of our economy. Medicare only pays part of a hospital stay. The remaining expense is as much as the whole bill was before Medicare. Where have we gained? We still pay as much for medical costs as before. We have allowed the Government to steal our ability to be free for a mess of socialist pottage.

Welfare is another drain upon society. Free food will never take the place of self-reliance and responsibility for one’s own freedom. Like slaves, they are fed, clothed and housed, but they are not free. They are coerced to vote for the people who promise to continue their government handouts. They are not free. They are slaves to the welfare check.

Where is our self-reliance today? Where is the man who will take care of himself? As a young man, I was given the opportunity to decline Social Security. I said no to the Social Security system and trust only in God for my old age. Should I be chided for not snuggling up to the government trough for my pottage? Who will get the last laugh? God has never run out of funds, I trust in God, not government.

Incapable of Governing


Finally, Washington warned that America would be ripe for a master (perhaps a world dictator) when “…they have been found incapable of governing themselves.”

Most are no longer capable of governing themselves. George Washington hit the nail on the head when he predicted such a time. When the voter no longer informs himself about the facts – when only a continuation of hollow government promises motivates the voter, our nation is ready for a dictator.

In recent editions of Investor’s Business Daily an editorial posed the question, “Does Character Still Count?” The article said, “a recent poll showed that most Americans distrust Bill Clinton. Gallup found 54% believe he is dishonest. 50% think he is lying about Filegate and 49% think he is lying about Whitewater. An ABC News-Washington Post poll found 56% don’t buy his ‘bureaucratic snafu’ excuse on Filegate.” But the upshot of the article is that morality will not be enough to elect Bob Dole. Clinton still leads Dole by a hefty margin. 56% told Gallup the president is doing a good job. Morality no longer counts.


George Washington said it best. Americans have lost all virtue. They reflect a poverty of spirit. They are no longer capable of ruling themselves. Not only America, but the entire world is ripe for the Antichrist.

 Published in Prophecy in the News magazine – August 1996 – by J.R. Church




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