The Spear that Pierced the Side of Christ

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The Spear that Pierced the Side of Christ

Written by: J.R. Church

Quoting the King James Version of the Bible, it reads in John 19:34, “But one of the soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.”


It is said that Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, became somewhat fixated with superstitions as a young man, and one of his fixations lay with The Spear of Longinus, also known as The Spear of Destiny. The spear was purportedly used by Gaius Cassius, a Roman Soldier, to pierce the side of Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross at his crucifixion.

Young Adolf Hitler used to visit the Hofburg, Vienna’s Hapsburg Museum, in Vienna, Austria and gaze for hours upon the spear that pierced the side of Christ. He wanted that spear! It was his wish that he capture the spear to ensure his good fortune. Touched by the blood of Christ, The Spear of Destiny is said to have played a significant role in the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies, and is believed to have acquired tremendous mystical power. This power was very appealing to a superstitious man such as Hitler.

He wrote that he saw the spirit of the spear: “The air became stifling so that I could barely breathe. The noisy scene of the Treasure House seemed to melt away before my eyes. I stood alone and trembling before the hovering form of the superman – a spirit sublime and fearful, a countenance intrepid and cruel. In holy awe, I offered my soul as a vessel of his will.”


A legend said that he who owns the spear can rule the world. It had been in the possession of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire for centuries.

In April 1938, Hitler took over Austria under the pretense of reclaiming their German heritage, but his true purpose was to steal the spear! On October 13, it was brought to Nuremberg, A WW II American soldier told me that Hitler asked for the spear. When he took it in his hands to feel and caress it, the spear lunged at him, as if some unseen force was trying to kill him!

Those who brought it to him took it back and promised to have it fixed. Without Hitler’s knowledge, a duplicate of the spear was made just for Hitler to handle!

When Nuremberg was under siege, the spear was taken to an underground bunker for safekeeping. Years later, on April 30, 1945, just ten days after his 56th birthday, Hitler committed suicide. At the very hour Hitler committed suicide, an American soldier found the spear in Nuremberg. America was its proud owner and became the greatest power in the world!

General George Patton then became fascinated by the weapon and had its authenticity verified. General Eisenhower however, seeing Patton’s fascination with the spear, quickly gave orders that the “Spear of Longinus,” along with some other artifacts, be returned to the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria where it remains today.


About the Author:

J.R. ChurchJ.R. CHURCH (1938-2011)- Founder of PITN Converted at age seven, J.R. Church set out with one main goal in life – to win others to Jesus Christ. He received a B.A. degree with a major in Bible and a minor in history at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN. In 2001, he was given an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary in Peachtree, Georgia.  His love for history gave him insight into God’s great “Plan of the Ages” and prompted him to pursue this field of prophetic research. J.R. and Linda were married for 52 years.  They have two children and five grandchildren. After pastoring a church in Lubbock Texas for 17 years, in 1979 he moved his family to Oklahoma City and developed the PROPHECY IN THE NEWS ministry. He has traveled across America many times lecturing on eschatology – the study of prophetic subjects.  He has hosted several tours to Israel and the Middle East. J.R. has authored eight books with chapters in several other books. Prophecy in the News publishes a monthly 48-page magazine as well as a weekly syndicated television broadcast which airs on stations across the country and via satellite network to most of the United States. Before he went to be with the Lord on March 22, 2011, after a three year battle with cancer, J.R. Church was convinced that Jesus Christ would return soon. He was famous for his saying, “KEEP LOOKING UP!”
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