Where in Jerusalem will the third Temple of God be built before Christ returns?

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Where in Jerusalem will the third Temple of God be built before Christ returns?

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In Israel, in the city of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount is considered to be the historic place of Solomon’s and Herod’s temple. Over the centuries, Islam (Muslims) have come to claim the Temple Mount as one of their holiest sites. They refer to this site as Al-Haram al-Sharif (“Noble Sanctuary”). This is considered the place from which Mohammed went to heaven on his horse named Barack, known as the “Night Journey.” Even though the Temple Mount is in the most holy site of the Jews and situated right in the middle of Israel it is also solely in the admtemple-photo-from-bloginistrative control of Muslims. Jews desperately want to take control of the place, as well as rebuild their temple there. Muslims on-the-other-hand relay a stern warning that if a Jew ever puts one shovel to their professed holy site a war will follow.

Tension between the Muslims and Jews is so high right now in Jerusalem, that when we visited Israel back in November 2015, we were not even allowed to visit the area of what they consider their “Temple Mount.”

The rebuilding of the Temple has profound prophetic significance with the appearance of the antichrist and the forming of the pagan armies to invade Israel in the coming Battle of Gog and Magog. The scriptures make it clear that just before Christ returns, the Third Temple of God must stand once more on its original location on the Temple Mount.

The “NEW” Temple must once again occupy its place on the Temple Mount before the final major prophesied events of the last days can take place.

It may be surprising to some, but in the fourth century, people were trying to find the lost sites of the former temples of Solomon and Herod. They simply did not know where the temple sites were placed. In 70 AD the temple was completely and utterly uprooted by the Romans, thus fulfilling Christ’s prophecy that not one stone would be standing upon another. The temple was eradicated from all recognition, so much so that no one could even tell that the building had ever existed. So, in the next 300 years, with so many Jews having been killed or expelled from the land, people were not sure where the correct location of the temple was, so four other sites were proposed. The temple mount was settled on as the site of the lost temple even though the Bible seems to indicate that it is someplace else altogether.

Israel’s holy city is dominated by this 36-acre Temple Mount, on which sets the Dome of the Rock, or Mosque of Omar, which has occupied the spot since around 692 A.D., following the Muslim conquest in 638 A.D. The building is atop a massive foundation built more than two thousand years ago.


It has been believed since the Crusades about 1,000 years ago that the Temple Mount was the site of Solomon’s Temple, which the Babylonians destroyed in 586 B.C., some lesser temples, and finally, Herod’s Temple, which the Roman General Titus destroyed in 70 A.D.

Part of the Temple Mount structure constitutes the Western Wall, also known at the “Wailing Wall,” which Jews believe is the sole remaining section of Herod’s Temple.

There is a big problem with this last Temple being built on the site believed by Jews and Muslims to be the “Temple Mount.”  Remember, the Muslims have given a stern warning that if a Jew ever puts one shovel to their professed holy site a war will follow. That war would be so fierce, there would be very few people left alive in Israel to build the Temple! The blood shed would be enormous!

The question is….


The Bible itself in several places clearly says that both temples were erected in the City of David or Zion, which is a far smaller, 12-acre area now being excavated about 600 feet south of the Temple Mount in the City of David, Jerusalem Walls National Park.


Our dear friend, Robert “Bob” Cornuke of the Bible Archeology Search and Exploration Institute (BASE), explains in his newest book titled, TEMPLE, that the implications are enormous!

Bob, who some describe as the “Christian Indiana Jones,” is an FBI-trained investigator and former SWAT team member who has spent years searching for prominent places in the Bible.

bobIn Bob’s own words he says, “I have always thought that the location for the temple of Solomon had been proven to be on the traditional Temple Mount in Jerusalem. But, I began to become doubtful of that traditional view of the temple placement after Dr. Paul Feinberg alerted me to the revolutionary work of the late archaeologist and author, Dr. Ernest L. Martin. This research effort would not have been possible without his groundbreaking insights.”

Dr. Martin was the originator of the theory that the Bible points away from the Temple Mount as the site of Israel’s great temples, and Bob gives Dr. Martin great credit for his discoveries.

Jesus warned His disciples of the coming destruction of the temple and that not one stone of the temple would be left on top of another. Matthew 24:1-2 says,“Then Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and His disciples came to Him for to shew (show) Him the buildings of the temple. And Jesus said to them, ‘See ye not all these things? Verily, I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down’.”

Christ’s words clearly state that the entire temple, each and every stone, will be dug up, dislodged, and tossed away. It is interesting to note that there aremassive stone blocks by the thousands set in the wall supporting the Temple Mount platform. Was Jesus wrong in His prophesying that not one stone would remain standing?

flavius-josephusHistorian Flavius Josephus (AD 37-101) was from a priestly family and understood the form and function of the temple. He grew up during the last decades of the second temple and provides a firsthand account of its appearance at the time. He also had firsthand acquaintance with both Jews and Romans who were part of its destruction in AD 70. Josephus eventually became a Roman citizen commissioned to write Jewish history for a Roman audience. History and archaeology have proved the accuracy of his accounts regarding the temple in even the smallest details.

Josephus wrote that the entirety of the temple was indeed in total ruin and destruction after 70 AD. He went on to say that if he had not personally been in Jerusalem during the war and witnessed the demolition by Titus of the temple that took place there, he would not have believed it ever existed. In Josephus (Jewish Wars, VII, 1.1) it speaks of widespread destruction in all Jerusalem as well. Archaeology and eye-witness evidence suggests that Jerusalem was destroyed so severely that not much of it was left. However, the foundation walls of what we call today the traditional Temple Mount would not, in all likelihood, be included in the manifest of any destroyed edifices because it was Roman-owned and would be considered separate from Jerusalem by Josephus.

If found that Jews at the Wailing Wall, when interviewed, said that the huge high walls of stones standing there today gives testimony that Jesus was flat-wrong and that His proclamation that not one stone of the Temple will remain standing, disqualifies Christ as a being completely truthful.

We know that is not the case!

Bob Cornuke says, “I feel that those high stone walls there today are remnants from a former Roman fort occupied by the mighty Tenth Legion (Legio X Fretensis). I also believe that the true site of Solomon’s temple is about a thousand feet South of the temple mount in the City of David.”This would mean that Jesus was correct in His prophetic words and that each and every stone, to the very last one, was cast down.


Over time, the temple was built by Solomon in the City of David, but it was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC, only to have other successive temples rebuilt in far less grandeur, then finally ending with Herod building his temple where Christ actually visited on many occasions. Herod’s temple was destroyed, just as Jesus predicted, down to the very last stone. Author Ahron Horovitzsays, “The City of David was so completely forgotten that during the Byzantine Period even Jerusalem’s biblical name “Zion”’ shifted to the southern portion of the “Western Hill” which is called Mount Zion to this day. The Byzantine “Church of Holy Zion” (Hagia Zion), built in 390 C.E. reinforced the mistake.”

Since the temple was reduced to rubble in 70 AD, the City of David was then lost to weeds and abandonment. As time passed, no one knew where it really was. And since the Stronghold of Zion was in the City of David, Zion had vanished as well. The City of David was gone; its walls were no more—and the huge clue for the temple being located by the threshing floor was erased from history as well. And when something has vanished that held such huge importance, people will stick a flag of indelible proclamation in the ground and make said declaration purely out of need. When you go to the Holy City today, road signs will point to the upper city and the signs read “Zion,” with an arrow pointing away from the real, original location of Zion in the City of David.


Below are three of the many Bible verses that Bob quotes in his book, TEMPLE, which proves that the temple was in the City of David.

2 Samuel 5:7: “Nevertheless, David took the strong hold of Zion: the same is the city of David.”

Zion is undoubtedly within the City of David. 

Joel 3:17: “So shall you know that I am the Lord your God dwelling in Zion, my holy mountain.”

 My holy Mountain,”(temple) is, without question, in Zion within 
the City of David. 

Joel 2:1: “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm
in my holy mountain”

My holy mountain” is the temple in Zion.


Take a look at some of the investigative proof that Bob has discovered that shows the Temple Mount was located in the City of David.

Located there is the Gihon Spring, where Solomon was crowned king of Israel and which is the only natural water source big enough to wash away massive blood flows from temple animal sacrifices. There is no such water source up on the now proclaimed Temple Mount.

There is also Hezekiah’s Tunnel, which was discovered in 1880 by some adventurous boys. Second Chronicles 32:30 says that, “This same 

[King]Hezekiah also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon, and brought it (the water by tunnel) straight down to the west side of the City of David.” If several Jewish historians are correct that priests ritually washed in the Gihon Spring before entering the Temple. So, why would they then walk almost a quarter mile to the traditional Temple Mount area?” Bob Cornuke says… “That discovery in 1880 almost single-handedly blasted to pieces the false understanding of Zion’s placement on the upper city hill area.”

The City of David, Cornuke explains, is the site of Ornan the Jebusite’s threshing floor, which David purchased after defeating the Jebusites and occupying the city. In 2 Chronicles 3:1, it says, “Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord at Jerusalem … in the place that David had prepared on the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.”

So… why does all this matter?

Because it is the most fought-over real estate in human history, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims. It’s where Jesus walked, and it contains the Pool of Siloam, where Jesus told a blind man to wash and be healed (John 9: 1-11). The Book of Revelation says the End Times will come when Jews build a new Temple that the antichrist will desecrate.

In this exciting book, TEMPLE, Bob Cornuke will explain why the Dome of the Rock does not have to be removed for a new Temple to rise. This would be a stunning reset of the prophetic clock and might explain why Israel came back into existence after 2,000 years and why the Jewish nation is increasingly isolated in a time of violent Islamist expansion.

There have been some in the world of Bible prophecy who have mocked and openly criticized Bob Cornuke for his investigative discoveries on the location of the Temple Mount.

J.R. Church, founder of PITN, was honored to know Bob, and admired his work and dedication to searching out and finding the truth!

The difference is…Bob Cornuke backs everything he says and writes in his book with Bible scripture.

The Bible is the truth, and we can’t argue with the Bible!

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