2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit DVD Set

2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit DVD Set

5-Volume DVD Set (Only available in paper sleeves)

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Twenty-three Bible prophecy experts joined PITN in Orlando, FL on March 5-7, 2015. Hear messages from the Word of God on Bible prophecy, science, and archaeology, along with cutting-edge information by many familiar names in the world of prophecy.

2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit DVD Set

1-Volume set

Dr. Kevin Clarkson/Dr. Gary Frazier – Opening Ceremony
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – Portraits of the Rapture
Bob Cornuke – New Find in Bible Archeology
Bob Cornuke – Solomon’s Lost Temple
Dr. Gary Frazier – It Could Happen Tomorrow
Dr. Gary Frazier – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Bill Salus – America’s Role in the Prophetic Wars
Doug Stauffer – The Christian Race: Ready.. Set.. Gone
Doug Stauffer – Learn to Study the Bible in One Hour
Doug Stauffer – Deliverance of Devastation, Son of God or Son of Perdition?
Doug Stauffer – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Billy Crone – Why Won’t My Pastor Preach on Prophecy?
Billy Crone – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Billy Crone – The Vatican & the Last Days Deception
Thomas Ice – Christian Zionism

2-Volume set

Jerry Robinson – Crash Course in Surviving the Coming Financial Meltdown
Jerry Robinson – Three Shocking Lies that Christians Believe
Jerry Robinson – Interview/Hagmann &Hagmann
Jerome Corsi – Interview/Hagmann &Hagmann
Jerome Corsi – The Obama Nation II: Judgement Day (Part1)
Jerome Corsi – The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day (Part2)
David Hamblin – Millennial Reign Primer Basics: Understanding Worldwide Changes
David Hamblin – Interview/Hagmann &Hagmann
Terry James – This EndTime Bubble
Brent Miller – Fires From Heaven: New Evidence for Man’s Demise
Jim Fletcher – The War on Prophecy
Thomas Ice – Why the Bible Teaches the Pre-Trib Rapture
Bill Federer – The Fall of the Roman Empire and the Amazing Saint Patrick
Jim Fletcher – The Plague of Replacement Theology
Jim Fletcher – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Cris Putnam – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann

3-Volume set

Cris Putnam – Same-Sex Marriage and the Dividing Line
Cris Putnam – The Supernatural Worldview: A Biblical Perspective
Doc Marquis – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Doc Marquis – Dictators of the Illuminati
Doc Marquis – The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
Russ Breault – The Day the Shroud Foiled Hitler
Russ Breault –  Shroud of Turin Past, Present, Future
Terry James – Nearing Midnight
Don Perkins – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Don Perkins – Beware of False Christ in the Last Days
Don Perkins – The Mark of the Beast
Jonathan Cahn – Things to Come: Shemitah’s Harbingers & What Lie Ahead
Jeff Swanson – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Jeff Swanson – The Mystery of the Three Harvest of Israel
Dan Goodwin – God’s Final Jubilee

4-Volume set

Dan Goodwin – 2520 – God’s Prophetic Number
Dan Goodwin – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
David Hamblin – The Great Tribulation
Paul McGuire – How to Walk Victoriously & Overcome in the Last Days
Paul McGuire – The Coming Global Economic Armageddon
Paul McGuire – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Joseph Farah – God’s east Peace Plan
Jonathan Matusitz – Islamist Supremacism in America
Doug & Joe Hagmann, Paul McGuire, Jerry Robinson – Panel Discussion
Doug Hagmann – Muslim Terror Training in the U.S.

5-Volume set

Dr. Gary Frazier – The Isis Crisis
Bill Federer – Islam, Isis, the Caliphate and the Muslum Brotherhood
Bill Salus – The Roots of Mideast Conflict
Bill Salus – Nuclear Showdown in Iran; The Ancient Prophecy of Elam
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – 7 Visions of Christ in the Apocalypse
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – Closing Ceremony

This is just a small sample of over 60 messages and interviews with Joe & Doug Hagmann that you will enjoy in this exciting new set. Order your set today for over 50 hours of study in Bible Prophecy!

Only available in paper sleeves

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