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Twenty-three Bible prophecy experts joined PITN in Colorado Springs, CO on August 6-8, 2015. Hear messages from the Word of God on Bible prophecy, science, and archaeology, along with cutting-edge information by many familiar names in the world of prophecy.


Volume 1
Disc 1 – Gary Frazier – Opening Ceremony
Gary Frazier – Are You Ready?
Disc 2 – Billy Crone – Nephilim Among Us
Paul McGuire – The Babylon Code
Disc 3 – Derek Frank – Let the Lion Roar
Bob Cornuke – Searching for the Crucifixion Site of Jesus
Disc 4 – Joseph Farah – Restoration vs the Spirit of Diotrephes
Disc 5 – Doug Stauffer – When the Sword of the Spirit Devours the Roaring Lion
Dan Goodwin – God’s Final Jubilee

Volume 2
Disc 1 – Russ Breault – Secrets of the Man Clothed in Linen
Jerry Robinson – The Great American Deception
Disc 2 – Doc Marquis – Giants on Our Own Backyard
Bob Cornuke – Searching for the Temple of Herod
Disc 3 – Jeff Swanson – God’s Glorious Countdown to the Kingdom
Jerry Robinson – Decoding the Coming Stock Market Collapse
Disc 4 – Russ Dizdar – R1919 the Troops of Armageddon
Stauffer – When the Day of the Lord Begins
Disc 5 – Doug Woodward – The Imminent Judgment on America
Bill Federer – How Gay Marriage is the Declaration of War on Christianity

Volume 3
Disc 1 – Jerome Corsi – Obama Nation Continues (Part 1)
Disc 2 – Brent Miller – Triggering the Tribulation
Paul McGuire – Mass Awakening
Disc 3 – Doug Woodward – The Coming Judgment on America: How Will It Happen
Bill Salus – Preparing for the Coming Prophecies
Disc 4 – David Hamblin – Revelation and the Great Debate
Bob Cornuke – What to Do Till He Comes
Disc 5 – Cris Putnam – Oneism and the New Spiritualism
Joseph Farah – Q & A with Joseph Farah

Volume 4
Disc 1 – Don Perkins – The Second Coming of Christ
Jim Fletcher – The X-Club
Disc 2 – Cris Putnam – On the Path of the Immortals
Don Perkins – The Battle of Armageddon
Disc 3 – Jim Fletcher – The God Who Answers by Fire: 7 Signs We Are in the Last Days
Dan Goodwin – At the Day Appointed
Disc 4 – Doc Marquis – Illuminati Gods at the Olympic Games
Bill Salus – The Future of Israel, Islam, and America
Disc 5 – David Hamblin – Exploring the Mysteries of the Revelation’s Mighty Angel
Brent Miller – As In the Days of Noah
Volume 5
Disc 1 – Russ Dizdar – Transhumanism and the Gods of Final Science
Gary Frazier – The Peril of Prophecy
Disc 2 – Bill Federer – What Does Ferguson, Baltimore, Isis, the Muslim Brotherhood Have in Common
Gary Frazier – Heaven Is for Real, But So Is Hell!
Disc 3 – Jerome Corsi – Obama Nation Continues (Part 2)
Jeff Swanson – 14 Amazing Discoveries in Godƒ??s Plan
Disc 4 – Russ Breault – Evolution Unmasked: How the Lie of Evolution Fits with End-Time Prophecy
Billy Crone – Antichrist Technology and the Battle of Armageddon
Disc 5 – Gary Frazier – Closing Remarks

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