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2015 TV Programs CD


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Prophecy in the News TV programs are recorded each month on DVD. Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guests discuss prophetic studies and events, keeping you up-to-date with the most exciting series of unfolding events in history!

There are 48 programs on 24 CDs, the topics are:

January  2015 (6601)

  • It Could Happen Tomorrow (Part 2) – In this continuing program, Kevin Clarkson and Gary Frazier discuss the reasoning of the Rapture. So many people today do not understand the difference of the real meaning of pre-trib, mid-trib, and post-trib rapture. Are we ready for that glorious day?
  • It Could Happen Tomorrow (Part 3) – The conclusion of this mini-series starts out with the outline of nine future events that will shake the world. God’s big picture that includes global religion , the Trinity, and an unholy trinity is explained in this final program.
  • Nuclear Showdown in Iran (Part 1) – Bill Salus begins by explaining Jeremiah 49 and how Elam is involved in today’s events. Iran (Elam) is in for a huge surprise about the prophecy being fulfilled. Iran is the number one growing evangelical population in the world.
  • Nuclear Showdown in Iran (Part 2)-In this conclusion, you will learn about the Iranian nuclear sites, and what they plan to do with them. Will Iran use them against Israel and when? The prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel knew.

February 2015 (6602)

  • Doug Stauffer’s Daily Strength – Kevin Clarkson and Doug Stauffer go into detail about Doug’s new book “Daily Strength Devotions for Bible Believing Study.”
  • God’s Wrath vs. the Pre-Tribulation Rapture – Kevin Clarkson and guest Doug Stauffer explore Revelation and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.
  • Islamic Invasion of Israel – Kevin and Gary explain the prophecy behind the Russian led Islamic invasion of Israel.
  • The Role of Israel – Dr. Clarkson and Dr. Frazier talk about the importance of modern day Israel and the impact the nations have in future prophecies.

March 2015 (6603)

  • Search for the Temple  (Part 1)Kevin Clarkson and Bob Cornuke discuss Bob’s search for the real site of the Temple. The real site is found in Scriptures which says that God dwells in the City of David.
  • Search for the Temple (Part 2) – Kevin Clarkson and Bob Cornukecontinues their discussion about where the real Temple site is. Bob has proof to show the actual site.
  • Where is America? (Part 1) – Kevin Clarkson and Gary Frazier discuss the question of whether or not America plays a role in the closing days in the history of the world.
  • Where is America? (Part 2)  – Kevin and Gary finish their discussion as to what role America will play in the last days. This is a very interesting program.

April 2015 (6604)

  • Why Prophecy?Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Dr. Gary Frazier explain the impact of Bible Prophecy and why it is so important to understand.
  • Understanding Revelation (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest speaker Dan Goodwin clarifies some key verses in the Book of Revelation.
  • Understanding Revelation (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Evangelist Dan Goodwin continue their discussion over some of the more confusing Bible verses in Revelation.
  • In the Days of Noah – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Pastor Billy Crone discuss Crone’s major 42-week study on the Creation and Noah’s Flood.

May 2015 (6605)

  • Final Countdown—Signs of the Last Days – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Pastor Billy Crone discuss the various lessons in Billy’s updated version of Final Countdown — Signs of the Last Days.
  • Understanding the Tabernacle  – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Tom Eliff give insight into the study of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and what patterns it depicts in worshipping God.
  • Gospel Across the Globe – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Tom Eliff take a look into the challenges that are faced when spreading the truth of the Gospel across the world.
  • The Significance of the Recent Blood Moons – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Doug Woodward explain the significance of the recent Blood Moons and what prophecies they elude to in the Bible.

June 2015 (6606)

  • Uncommon Sense with Doug Woodward – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Doug Woodward discuss various aspects of Woodward’s new book “Uncommon Sense.”Authentic Christianity has something to say to the deceit and deception now apparent within our national government. “Uncommon Sense” compels Americans to take an honest look at ourselves. What constitutes the true history and future of the USA that is so —“uncommon?” The answer is in his book.
  • Bringing Saudi Arabia Down – Saudi Arabia’s brutal dictatorship must be overthrown according to the Pentagon’s New Map Strategy. In this program, Dr. Kevin Clarkson and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries will explain what the Pentagon is trying to do and what to expect from our government.
  • Egypt’s Prophetic Tsunami – Egypt is dropping into the abyss of her prophetic End Times Judgment — Isaiah 19. Current events are aligning perfectly with this 2,600-year-old prophecy. David Bay explains how Ethiopia is building a dam in the Nile River. Be prepared to be amazed.
  • Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked – Rabbi Jonathan Cahn along with our host — Dr. Kevin Clarkson reviews “The Mystery of the Shemitahand introduces Jonathan’s latest DVD. “The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlockedis a compelling DVD that is an in-depth study of the Shemitah years. You will see inserts of the DVD that will astonish you — 9/11, the stock market and etc.

July 2015 (6607)

  • The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked (pt. 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn continue their discussion on new information involving “The Mystery of the Shemitah.”
  • The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked (pt.3) – This is the final discussion between Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Rabbi Johnathan Cahn. In this episode, they conclude their findings on “The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked.”
  • PITN: A Call to Arms! Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit 2015 – Dr. Kevin Clarkson, along with two special guests — Doug Woodward and Jeff Swanson discuss current events in the news and a brief introduction of the speakers for the Pike’s Peak Summit, August 6-8, 2015.
  • PITN: Let the Lion Roar (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson interviews Derek Frank, producer of the wonderful docudrama “Let the Lion Roar.” They discuss the issues of the Reformation, including Martin Luther, John Calvin, and many other Anglican pastors and why they turned against God’s Chosen People.

August 2015 (6608)

  • Let the Lion Roar (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and special guest Derek Frank continues their discussion regarding the captivating docudrama “Let the Lion Roar.”
  • Let the Lion Roar (Part 3) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Derek Frank continue their final discussion on “Let the Lion Roar.” He will reveal the ultimate deception of our time — the conspiracy to cover up the Church’s true identity
  • Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest, Tom Kerry and Bill Salus go into great detail on their DVD “Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.” They discuss recent updates on the involvement of ISIS and end-time prophecies concerning Israel.
  • Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest, Tom Kerry and Bill Salus continue their study of the DVD “Out of the Mouth of Two Witnesses.”

September 2015 (6609)

  • God’s Prophetic Calendar of the Seven Feasts – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and evangelist Dan Goodwin explain the seven feasts and the meaning of each one.
  • The Wedding Made in Heaven – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and evangelist Dan Goodwin go into great detail about the seven pillars and the wedding made in heaven.
  • Israel: A Greater, Safer Nation  – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Bill Salus discuss Ezekiel and why and when Israel will dwell securely. First, Israel must win a war and only then will they be secure.
  • One Minute into Eternity  – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Pastor Billy Crone explain topics from his new DVD set. He will analyze several age-old questions such as: Is there life after death? What happens when you die? These and many more are answered.

October 2015 (6610)

  • Newton’s Riddle (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest Neill Russell go in-depth on Sir Isaac Newton, the renowned physicist, who concealed a prophetic script in an alchemy journal. This mysteriously coded script detailed crucial future events involving both Israel and the United States and their relation to the return of Jesus Christ.
  • A Sevenfold Promise (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and evangelist Dan Goodwin talk about Goodwin’s new book A Sevenfold Promise. They discuss some prophetic events that could unfold this Fall, 2015.
  • A Sevenfold Promise (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson, evangelist Dan Goodwin, and special guest Bill Waugh continue the discussion on the book A Sevenfold Promise. Both Dan and Bill answer several questions regarding the content of the book.
  • Newton’s Riddle (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Neill Russell go further in-depth on Sir Isaac Newton’s mysterious prophetic script. Neill explains that his goal in life is to spread the Gospel to everyone across the world.

November 2015 (6611)

  • Truth about Dinosaurs  – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and Pastor Billy Crone explain the truth about the extinction of the dinosaurs, the misguided word of the evolutionist’s theories, and the biblical explanation for the dinosaur’s disappearance.
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of the Last Days (Part 1) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and David Hamblin take an exhaustive approach to the study of the end times, using the proven techniques of the scientific method.
  • Unveiling the Mysteries of the Last Days (Part 2) – Dr. Kevin Clarkson and David Hamblin go into further detail on the system of prophecy analysis that would allow for extremely complex theories to be tested against the many passages of end time prophecy.
  • RFID — Man’s Greatest Invention or Mark of the Beast – Pastor Billy Crone has gone to great lengths to enlighten us on today’s state of the art global tracking device you hear in the news about drones and how dangerous they can be in the air. Could this be the beginning of man’s greatest invention or Mark of the Beast?

December 2015 (6612)

  • Babylon Code (Part 1) – Special guest host Doug Woodward and guest Paul McGuire interpret the code in the Bible that could only be cracked in the end-times—a prophetic cypher that reveals how the four blood moons and the biblical Shemitah are signs of the beginning of the end-time events.
  • Defenders of the Faith – Have you heard this statement: “Well, you’ve just got to accept it by faith.” While faith is for salvation, God also commands His people to give a “defense” for that faith using sound logical reasoning and satisfying philosophical answers. Billy Crone discusses how you can stand firm in your faith.
  • Babylon Code (Part 2) – This is a continuation of the first program in which guest host Doug Woodward interviews guest Paul McGuire. Paul’s new book titled The Babylon Code is about God placing a code in the Bible that can only be solved in the end-times.
  • Attack of the Drones – Imagine a world where drones are everywhere, and control everything. This scenario might seem far off in the future or even far-fetched. But what if this technology is not only being developed but is already in use? Discover the truth about drones, what they will eventually lead to, and how to prepare.

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