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The Rapture Question & Seven Reasons for the Rapture

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Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling

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The Rapture Question &; Seven Reasons for the Rapture – Book

For almost half a century, Dr. Charles Hilti­bidal has been studying the Word of God and preaching the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. This book begins with the question, “Is there going to be a Rapture?” and then proceeds to give seven biblical reasons for it. Along the way, he addresses these fascinating topics:

  • Why is there no redemption for the fallen angelic host that fell from their status as holy angels to become unholy? Simply this: There is no death in eternity. As eternal beings liv­ing an eternal life, there is no one that can die for them to provide redemption.
  • Our eternal soul is confined to this earth­ly house, which is designed for living in the realm of time and not eternity. To live in eternity, where time as we now know it has no bearing, we need a body designed for eternity.
  • We do not live in a tri-verse but in a uni­verse (emphasis on the “uni”—i.e. the one), but it clearly is composed of three entities. It certainly appears that our universe is a trinity just as God is, as a uni-plural God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
  • There are various terms or titles used throughout Scripture for the Tribulation, this seven-year period of time. When you under­stand they are all speaking of the entire 2,520 days of the last seven years, it becomes very clear that the believer is not going to experi­ence a single say of the Tribulation.


Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling – Book

This is the first recorded war after the flood and it involves the cities of the Shinar world rooted in Babylonianism the place where the rebellion against God’s originated. This is the devil’s chosen place, Babel, with his people coming to take from God’s chosen people God’s Promised Land. Ask yourself has anything changed in nearly 4000 years? The quest of the Babel world to usurp God’s will has not nor will it ever change or cease until sin is purged from the earth.

Jerusalem has been destroyed twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times. Throughout history. Today it as once again the focal point of the turmoil in the Middle East.

Politicians and the media forming false ideas of Israel and Jerusalem are an everyday occurrence. All this make Israel look bad in the eyes of the world when they all untruths used to stir up more anti-Semitism.

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