The 666's Are In The Seed

The 666’s Are In The Seed



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This is the story of an American farmer who was sued by Monsanto for using his own seeds! The giant corporation has been quietly modifying the DNA of various seeds needed for farm crops in order to patent them. Their plan is to corner the market. Under their patent rights, no farmer can save seed back for next year’s crops. He who controls the patent controls the food supply. It appears that industry giant Monsanto wants to control the world’s food supply! Are you eating genetically modified food? Without even knowing what men are doing to our food crops, millions could be affected. Who knows what diseases could plague the Earth when scientists are mixing animal DNA with glow in the dark tomatoes, or putting human DNA into fish … and that’s just the beginning. Who will stop this insidious plan of destruction? This is what the fallen angels were doing before God destroyed their monsters in the flood. Is this just another sneaky plan of Satan to destroy everything God gave mankind and called “good?” Michael White, a local Alabama farmer is a very brave man. You have to read his story to believe it as he battles a billion dollar giant through the court systems. His story is almost hard to believe. And the ending could only have come about with God’s blessing and helping hand. Whatever you do, be sure to read this book!

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