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This book is the result of years of research into the history of UFO sightings, reports of alien abduction, and the struggle between Good and Evil. It confronts the issues head-on and offers answers to many of the most pertinent questions confronting mankind.

What is the truth behind UFO encounters?
Are aliens real? Where are they from?
Are they the Nephilim referred to in Genesis 6?
What does the Bible say about them?
What is their agenda for Planet Earth?

The answers to these questions and their implications are even more shocking than the events themselves.

Authors Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman explore the Biblical connection of the apparent extraterrestrial life forms that are intruding themselves into our global consciousness and reveal their most disturbing agenda. Behind the hype, the hoaxes, and the government disinformation lies an astonishing reality. Your personal destiny and that of your family may depend on how you deal with the strange events that may soon take place.

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Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News