Product Description

UFO’s have been seen throughout the centuries, but in our enlightened technological age, are we any closer to solving the mystery? This book revisits the most famous events that have defined UFO cultures, such as Roswell and alien autopsies; astronaut Gordon Cooer’s sightings; Major Donald Keyhoe’s allegations of official silence; and the claims of famous contactees, Billy Meier and George Adamski. Also, discover evidence about alien abductions and other UFO phenomena that are widely ignored by the UFO community. The author’s research and conclusions will surprise you and challenge your thinking, not just about UFO’s, but about the nature of life itself. This is a landmark volume that brings together the most important evidence and comes to conclusions far more sinister than one could imagine. Here are a few quotes:I felt that there was nothing more worth knowing about UFO’s and aliens, but Gary Bates reveals one of the most closely guarded secrets of all time.
“This exciting, fast-paced and entertaining book will challenge your world view. It’s truly one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read in years.” (Phillip Bell, scientist, and educator)
“I found the book extremely interesting, intriguing and profitable. I’ll never see the topic in the same light again. Be prepared to have your own assumptions about this world and the cosmos challenged. What we see is not always as it seems.” (John Hartnett, cosmologist, and university physics researcher.)