America's Secret Nazi Partnership

America’s Secret Nazi Partnership



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Drawn from his book Power Quest, Book Two: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America, Doug Woodward provides a shocking lesson in global finance and geopolitics disclosing why the USA dominates civilization, having become the financial and military empire that is driving us closer to the dire conclusion of human history.

In this two-hour + DVD, the viewer will learn why, from a Christian perspective, America has progressively embodied the Spirit of Antichrist over the past 120 years. This very structured and impressively documented presentation, provides a compelling history of the betrayal of our country by its most prominent families and business leaders. Woodward draws out why these hidden actions play into end-times prophecy in a stark yet dramatic way.

In summary, this DVD discloses the key to know where America is heading and why it has charted this unfortunate course.

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