Ancient Book of Gad the Seer

Ancient Book of Gad the Seer



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Written by Gad, seer of King David, about 1000 BC, this book of prophecy is recommended reading by the Bible, but was never included in the Canon. It was thought to have been lost over three millennia ago. The books of Gad, Nathan, Ahijah, Shemaiah, and Iddo are referred to as “The Lost Five.” This long-lost book includes two revealing sermons given by King David. We have a prophecy that outlines the end times beginning with the Rapture, the seven-year tribulation and the establishment of Christ’s millennial reign. More intriguing than that, it actually reveals who Mystery Babylon is and how it tries to destroy the Jews through a union with Islam, both groups having different replacement theology religions. There are also two discussions on how the Law of Moses views Gentiles. Do they keep the whole Law or not? This book is a real eye-opener for those who are interested in Bible prophecy and Messianic Judaism.

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