Ancient Messianic Festivals and the Prophecies They Reveal

Ancient Messianic Festivals and the Prophecies They Reveal



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If you haven’t read any of Ken Johnson’s magnificent books yet, you’re in for a real treat. This book will peak your curiosity in areas that we’ve heard about but haven’t explored in the detail that Johnson reveals. The Messianic rituals give great detail on the first coming of the Messiah, including the date on which He would arrive, the manner of His death, and the birth of His Church.

You will also learn details of the many disasters that befell the Jewish people throughout the centuries on the ominous 9th of Av. These ancient rituals speak of Natzal, a rapture of believers, and a terrible time called the Yamin Noraim. They give a rather complete outline of the seven-year Tribulation Period, including the rise of a false Messiah. They also tell of a time when the Earth will be at peace in the Messianic Kingdom. In addition to the seven Messianic Festivals, you will learn the prophetic outline of other ceremonies like Hanukkah, the new moon ceremony, the Jewish wedding ceremony, the ashes of the red heifer and the ancient and occult origins of Halloween. You will also learn about other prophetical types and shadows mentioned in the Bible.

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