April 2018 PITN

April 2018 PITN



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Passover and the Temple Veil
Dan Goodwin has written an informative article regarding the di­viding of time. Is there a mystery in the Passover that reveals when the Old Testament ended? Is it possible that the New Testament began when Jesus was crucified?

Sizzling Scenes of the Son’s Soon Return
Dr. Kevin Clarkson takes us on a journey of events that are taking place in today’s world. You will learn about the perilous times that are mentioned in 2 Timothy 3:1, and the tensions of war involving Israel, Russia, and the surrounding Middle East that are forecast in Ezekiel 38, soon to be fulfilled.

Kevin’s Korner
As we have the opportunity, we will give some biblical answers and our reflections on questions we receive at Prophecy in the News. You’re Questions Answered by Dr. Kevin Clarkson

Presidents, Politics, Prophecy
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung examines how God has used human govern­ment and political leaders to fulfill His will by examining the last seven Presidents of the United States.

Amazing Discoveries
Stranger than fiction!  From the files of Dr. J.R Church’s amazing discoveries are wonderful and timeless articles.

 Have You Overlooked Micah’s Prophecy
Dr. J.R. Church explores the prophecies of Micah and the mean­ing behind chapter five. The famous prophecy in verse 2 is so out­standing, we seem to overlook the verses around it.

What’s NEW, NOW & NEXT in the Mideast?
Bill Salus delves into the headlines of today’s news and the apoc­alyptic prophecies of the end-times. Rumors of war continue to abound in the Middle East, especially when it involves Israel, Syria, and Iran.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 28)
After six months of planning, Bob Cornuke returns to Malta. Upon arrival, he locates a man who knew Joe (Mario) the diver, discoverer of the elusive fourth anchor.

Evil Powers and the Coming Time of Trouble (Part 4)
In this concluding episode, Dr. Don Manley explores the immi­nent return of Jesus Christ. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled every day. Will you be ready?

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