April 2019 PITN

April 2019 PITN



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Cold War, Socialism, & The Foreign Policy
Both now and during the height of the Cold War, the words of John Foster Dulles, former Secretary of State, still remain true: “There is only one defense – a defense compounded of eternal vigilance, sound policies, and high courage.” The teachings of socialism are still alive, and therefore demand we remain ever vigilant.


After Winter, Before Summer
Spring is the season when Jesus Christ was crucified for the sins of mankind, buried in a borrowed tomb, and rose from the grave. After winter, yet before summer, is a period called “seedtime” in the Bible but is referred to as spring in modern usage.


Amazing Discoveries: Rare Treasure Behind the Wall
This wonderful, 10-by-20-foot oil painting has been hidden behind a wall in Paris. This amazing discovery provides a unique look at Jeru­salem in the 17th century.


The Greatest End-Time Sign
Keep your eyes on Israel, a nation desperate for peace and ready to rebuild the temple. Israel is like a ticking clock that is at five minutes to midnight! Everything is about to change. Are you ready to meet the Lord?


The Armageddon Syndrome (Part 2)
It has been said that one-third of the Bible contains prophecy. There­fore, every Christian should understand the chronology of end-time events, especially as they pertain to the nation of Israel. All are point­ing to the soon return of our Lord.


Prophecy Thread Devotional
God is just and therefore all who decide not to spend eternity with Him must be judged. Praise God, we have His promise that the outcome of the final judgment will have no power over resurrected believers!

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Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News