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August 2015 PITN



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The Rainbow House
In light of the Supreme Court decision, Dr. Clarkson expresses his opinion of the White House. It has now taken on a new face of many colors. The president already knew what the ruling was. This was certainly not a coincidence. It takes days of preparation to install that many rainbow colored lights. Dr. Clarkson gives a better understanding as to what the Bible has to say about it.

Cashless Society
The Bible predicted nearly 2,000 years ago a cashless society with the implementation of the mark of the beast. Billy Crone explains how money has been replaced with checks, debit and credit cards. Our society has already been conditioned to usher in this new system. Do you know that the credit card companies have issued new cards with micro-chips? This article will help bring new light to what is going on around us.

God Reveals His Son
In his quest for the Lost Ark of Noah, Bob Cornuke discovered this miraculous event. While on a mountain in Iran Bob realized that the discovery the ark was not that important. His experience revealed by God, was truly the most important encounter in his life. This article will make you wish that you were there.

The United STATE: Is America Ruled by Supreme “Despots?”
Bill Federer has written an amazing article about the United States. Have the 50 states been reduced to one United State ran by FIVE supreme judges? The majority of our states voted to have marriage between a man and a women, but FIVE unelected judges decided to invalidate their will. Bill goes into great detail about how our government is now in control of our lives.

“Joshua fit the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down.” Everyone has heard of this old saying. But, do you know that there is more to the life of Joshua then the Battle of Jericho? Joshua was a prophecy of the first and second comings of Jesus Christ. J.R. Church has written a wonderful article explaining the true meaning of Joshua.

Will the Stock Market Crash in the Fall of 2015?
We have had many people ask us about a major stock market crash. Jerry Robinson gives his expert opinion on what may happen. This article will certainly shock you!

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News