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August 2016 PITN



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Modern Israel’s Biblical Right to The Land 

Dr. Thomas Ice has written an outstanding article in regard to the biblical rights of the land to the Jewish people. On April 15, 2016, the UN Education, Science, and Cultural Organization passed a resolution relating to what it termed as “Occupied Palestine.” The resolution refused to acknowledge that Israel has historic ties to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. So what does the Bible say about Israel and her future?

Kevin’s Korner

A Tradition is Born (Part 9) 

After reminiscing about the past, Ray continues to tell Bob Cornuke about the day when Tony and his men discovered the anchor. It was a huge anchor stock approximately three to four feet long. Tony had to go back to the dive shop to get help. How did they finally get it to shore and what did they do with it? Did they turn it over to an archaeologist? This fascinating article answers these questions.

Brexit and the Builders of Babel 

Dr. Kevin Clarkson explains how Britain and its new referendum relates to Bible prophecy and the building of Babel. The European Union hatched in the early 1950’s Bilderberger meetings, has failed to live up to its promises. The Brits felt the EU was taking more than it was giving and were frustrated that half of their national laws were coming from unelected bureaucrats at the EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.


Dr. J.R. Church reveals how Solomon represents a prophetic profile of Jesus Christ. He was the second son of Bathsheba, whose father was King David. Solomon was said to be the wisest man that ever lived. The wisdom of Solomon was a prophetic picture of Jesus Christ, Who will come one day to rule over the earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. During that millennium, Christ will be the prophetic fulfillment of perfect wisdom. His judgment will be without error.

A Hidden Prophecy in the Feeding of the 5,000 

Dan Goodwin has written this wonderful article about the five barley loaves representing a type of Israel. The two fishes are a type of the New Testament church. He explains how the 12 baskets filled with barley loaf fragments is a prophetic picture of the 12 tribes of Israel and their fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th week.

Prophecy Thread Devotion by Jeff Swanson 

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