Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 3 : Bible & Stars

Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 3 : Bible & Stars



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Beyond Is Genesis History? Vol 3: Bible & Stars explores the text of Genesis and the nature of the universe. It explains the fields of theology, archeology, and astronomy through 12 in-depth interviews with Del Tackett and five scientists and scholars featured in the film. These videos provide much more insight into the science and scholarship behind the documentary Is Genesis History? 

Douglas Kelly, a theologian with Covenant Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, provides an overview of what the church has historically taught on creation and evolution from the first centuries to the present. He examines the foundational importance of the doctrine of creation on all other Christian doctrines, including redemption. He explains that so much of the evangelical community felt it necessary to make common cause of some form of evolution. This is known as “Theistic evolution” and this type of thinking is evolutionary creationism or God-guided evolution. This is the view that regards religious teachings about God as compatible with modern scientific understanding about biological evolution. Thus, the Old-Earth and Gap Theory. Doug says, when you believe this way, you are tearing up the foundational doctrine of Scripture, namely creation. That means that the culture would have the final say about what you believe about creation and the rest of the Bible.

Meet the Scientists:


Steve Boyd, Ph.D. – Hebraist | Hebrew Union College, Ohio

  • Why Genesis is Truly History (22:00)
  • Overview of the First Chapters of Genesis (17:00)





George Grant, Ph.D. – Pastor | Bountiful Blessings Farm, Tennessee

  • The Importance of Genesis to Our Culture (22:00)
  • How Genesis Impacts Time, History, & Science (17:30)



Danny Faulkner, Ph.D. – Astronomer | Chino Valley, Arizona

  • The Extraordinary Design of the Universe (21:00)
  • The Light Travel-time Problem & the Big Bang (21:00)






Doug Petrovich, Ph.D. – Archeologist Oriental Institute of Chicago, Illinois

  • Identifying the Tower of Babel (23:00)
  • Carbon Dating & the Septuagint (17:00)





Douglas Kelly, Ph.D. – Theologian | Covenant Presbyterian Church, Tennessee

  • The History of the Church on Creation & Evolution (18:00)
  • The Importance of the Doctrine of Creation (18:30)
  • Answering Common Questions about the Text of Genesis (17:00)
  • Understanding the Genre & Theology of Genesis (21:30)

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