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  • We are not running out of oil now, and we may never run out of it.
  • Today we have more proven oil reserves than ever before in human history, despite decades of increased consumption.
  • The United States has enough oil offshore and in Alaska to be oil independent for the decade to come.
  • The money Americans spend on gas ultimately funds radical terrorist regimes and their supporters in the war against America.
  • Illegal immigrants are allowed to flood our southern border in order to keep the oil flowing from Mexico.
  • Carbon dioxide, the bogeyman of the radical environmental movement, is the “food” of plants and trees.
  • If we grow more trees, they will “consume” the carbon dioxide released by automobiles.
  • Scientific evidence suggests that in the coming decades the earth is as likely to cool as it is too warm.
  • “Global warming” is a scientific hoax at the center of the radical political agenda of environmental extremists.

Experts estimate that Americans consume more than 25 percent of the world’s oil but have control over less than 3 percent of its proven oil supply. This unbalanced pattern of consumption makes it possible for foreign governments, corrupt political leaders, terrorist organizations and oil conglomerates to hold the economy and the citizens of the United States in a virtual stranglehold. There is no greater proof of this than the direct relationship between skyrocketing gas prices and the explosion of wealth among those who control the world’s supply of oil.

In Black Gold Stranglehold, Jerome R. Corsi and Craig Smith expose the fraudulent science that has made America so vulnerable: the belief that oil is a fossil fuel and that it is a finite resource.

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Prophecy in the News