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Revising Reality: A Biblical Look into the Cosmos (Volume One) – Book

Four breakout Christian apologists, no strangers to “fringe” topics, take a radical look at Cosmology based on new discoveries in physics and unconventional insights into the Bible. Each is noted for his willingness to tackle the challenges of secular skepticism and examine the intersection between modern science and the Bible. You will embark on an astounding adventure exploring the Cosmos with awakened eyes, guided by their unrestrained research as well as remarkable and unprecedented conclusions.

In volume one of a two-volume study, the controversies of angelic incursion in humanity’s history and their impact on the human genome are considered. Also discussed: the nature of evil and the role that fallen angels and heavenly archons have played in the story of the Bible as well as rethinking Christology and the meaning of the Logos, contrasting with Gnostic and occult concepts of the demiurge. Here the authors demonstrate startling parallels to our day.

In regards to modern physics, numerous timely topics are tackled which include:

  • Dangers of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the occult agenda behind humanity’s most powerful machine; and its link to the Tower of Babel;
  • Opening dimensional portals and its unknown effects, including awakening the creatures of the Abyss, and a possible connection to the planet Saturn;
  • Man-machine hybrids empowered by the Internet and threats presented to humankind from unrestrained advances in transhumanist research.
  • Challenges to Einstein’s standard model by the revolutionary concepts of the Electric Universe proposed by scientist at the Thunderbolts Project;
  • Theories about cosmic wars and the “real” star wars of ancient times.



CERN DECODED tackles the science, the dangers, and possible occult agenda of the 17-mile-long particle accelerator know as CERN. This DVD is and intelligent, information-packed, two-hour discussion richly illustrated with hundreds of photos. Seldom has education been so entertaining as well as enthralling.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC)  resides atop the ancient Roman temple of Apollo just outside the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Its discovery of the “god particle” in 2012, (the Higgs-Boson) captured our imaginations. So why is the LHC so controversial to scientists, theologians, and conspiracy theorists alike? What is its real purpose?Why should its operation provoke concern for humanity’s safety? Are there sinister occult secrets lurking behind its founding and its multi-billion dollar budget? Why would so many nations of the world come together merely to learn the mechanisms igniting the Big Bang?