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The 3rd Annual Chicago Summit 2013

DNA Warfare & The Nephilim: The Seach For Immortality

14 Messages on 8 DVDs

Geneticists believe they can alter human DNA and create a better human bring. Trans-humanists believe they can manipulate our DNA as they strive for biological and technological immortality. Old occultists believe they can enhance our DNA by ritual and dark power. Military specialists seek to transform our soldier’s DNA to create a modern-day super-soldier! The implications of altering human DNA are chilling. Our DNA may be one of the last battlefields and it seems that many are seeking to transmute, enhance, and even weaponize it. What are the ramifications of  the new discoveries of human DNA and the Bible have anything to say about it? Does it warm us about tampering with God’s design? This cutting-edge prophecy conference features authors and speakers who are at the forefront of this discussion. Watch them unveil the possible past, present, and future issues surrounding DNA carries a unique signature of creation; how Salvation affects us down to our DNA; and how the coming glorification (indestructible immortality) involves our redeemed DNA.

Speakers :  L.A Marzulli  – Doug Hamp – Russ Dizdar – Rob Skoba – Doug Woodward – Tom Dunn – Gilberts

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