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Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation, is the long-awaited sequel to Revelation Road, Hope Beyond the Horizon.

Our friend in Christ, Bill Salus, has just released a brand new novel titled: Apocalypse Road (Revelation For The Final Generation). His newest book is the second in a series of novels. The story begins in his first novel…

Revelation Road: Hope Beyond the Horizon

George and Mimi Thompson believe their grandson Tyler is living in the final generation. Lovingly, they prepare the lad for life after the destruction of Damascus, the strategic strike of Iran’s nuclear sites, the final Arab-Israeli war, nuclear terrorism in America, and the coming world religion and global government. The modern world has been thrust into chaos and uncertainty. Iran’s nuclear threat and Israel’s security under attack from hostile powers abroad and wavering support from America. Modern dangers? Yes, but calamities foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago. Revelation Road explains the events occurring on our darkening horizon and their Biblical significance.

America’s economic house-of-cards and political instability, the Rapture of the Church and the void created by its disappearance and the subsequent rise of a world religion. Experience the End Times through the eyes of the Thompson family, and discover how their gripping story uncovers the silver lining of hope against the backdrop of global gloom and doom… Their family tale could soon become your reality! Bill Salus has crafted a unique novel with a non-fiction biblical commentary that serves as an eye-opening herald call to all believers and non-believers alike! Read Revelation Road and ask yourself, “What would you and your family do?”

Bill’s newest book is a sequel to Revelation Road, the second volume of an end time’s Bible prophecies book series.

Apocalypse Road, Revelation for the Final Generation

 This book series undertakes the difficult task of identifying, explaining and chronologically ordering the prophetic events between now and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Imagine when millions of Christians disappeared; apparitions of the Virgin Mary begin to reappear, while the Antichrist begins his beastly career. The apocalypse has finally arrived!

Israelis, Lisa Thompson and her daughter Jami who you came to know in Bill’s first book, have suddenly been left behind! Now they must prepare for the coming apocalypse. They have been thrust into the treacherous Post-Rapture / Pre-Tribulation time-period.

This vastly unexplored gap of time follows the Rapture of the Christian Church, but precedes the coming seven-year Tribulational Period. It spans an unspecified length of time that will likely last for several years.

The Rapture is when Christ comes in the clouds to miraculously snatch up His believers, the Church, into heaven. This event is imminent, fulfilled in an instant and guaranteed to catch the world by surprise.

Follow their perilous journey in the mysterious time gap that follows the Rapture, but precedes the Tribulation period. Walk in their shoes as they befriend some of the 144,000 Witnesses and face off with the epic Ezekiel 38, Gog of Magog invasion. See through their eyes how the Harlot of Mystery Babylon uses supernatural signs and wonders to rule the world.

You will also discover the identities of the two signatory parties of the false covenant and its true content, which starts the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple and triggers the treacherous seven-years of tribulation. It’s all stage setting right now before our eyes!


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Psalm 38

This powerful 3-DVD series contains 3 of the most revelatory teachings, complete with instructional images and maps, from Bible prophecy expert, Bill Salus.

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Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38, Which is the Next Middle East News Headline?
The ancient Psalm 83 prophecy has mysteriously eluded the discernment of many of today’s top Bible scholars. The prophecy identifies an Arab confederacy that wants to wipe Israel off of the map. Many Bible experts are predicting that Russia, Iran, Turkey, and several other countries are about to invade Israel according to the prophecy in Ezekiel 38, but Bill Salus displays the multiple reasons why Psalm 83 could be the next Mideast news headline!

The Future for America in Bible Prophecy
In this timely teaching video, Bill Salus tackles the tough questions such as: Is America in the Bible? Why was the United States a blessed superpower? Has America abandoned its Judeo-Christian heritage? Is America being judged? What is America’s future? This analyzes all of the arguments and explains why Bill believes America can be found in Bible prophecy.

The Roots of the Mideast Conflict
The present hostilities experienced in the Middle East between the Arabs and Jews can be traced to a disposition of hatred, originating almost four thousand years ago. In this teaching video, Bill Salus explains how the ancient family feuds between the Middle East patriarchs and matriarchs are the underlying roots of today’s Arab-Israeli conflict. Find out what nations were formed from their loins and why their descendants still covet the rich content of father Abraham’s unconditional covenant.