Product Description

Few studies can compare to Chuck Missler’s incredible mathematical presentation entitled Cosmic Codes, a spectacular adventure into the mind of God. Missler takes us on a Bible-building journey, using biblical mathematics to reveal the hidden designs in Scripture. No doubt that Chuck proves Divine inspiration, over and over again, in many different and amazing ways. Missler takes us to world’s unknown, exploring the Bible Codes, the Torah Codes, the Yeshua Codes, the Apocalypse Codes, the amazing Hebrew Alphabet, the sevens of the Bible, acrostics, cryptographs, macrocodes, Hebrew gematria, the dark side of the Kabbalah, and dozens more shocking and mind-blowing discoveries.

This is an amazing set of CDs!

Listen at home. Listen in the car or on your way to work. A wonderful, faith-building presentation. And a great tool for the intellectual who seeks proof of God’s inspiration of the Bible.