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December 2018 PITN



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Set For The Fall And Rise Of Israel
by Dr. J.R. Church

This is the story of Simeon, a just and devout Jewish man, who waited for the consolation of Israel. It’s a beautiful story of the prophecy of the birth of Jesus Christ and one that has been overlooked during the Christmas season.

When Was the Fall of Lucifer?
by Terri McInnis

Discover how we can go back to the beginning of time and through the Scriptures understand when Lucifer was created. It will amaze you to find out just when he fell from the ‘third heaven,’ known as the ‘heaven of heavens.’

The Forgotten Christmas Prophecy
by Dr. Kevin Clarkson

Amidst all of the beautiful promises and prophecies about the coming of the Messiah, we have overlooked an event which graphically prefigures in type, what the coming of Christ would be all about. Discover in the book of Micah how we are foretold precisely where to look for the Messiah’s arrival.

Amazing Discoveries
by Terri McInnis

Are Unicorns Found in the Bible?

Tradition (Part 1)
by Bob Cornuke

We have traditions in our church, and nobody even knows where they came from! Confusing ideas that pointed people in every direction except closer to Jesus Christ. We need to head the words in Revelation and be careful not to put our own words in God’s mouth.

There Really is a Santa Clause
by Bill Federer

Some Christians believe that Santa Claus makes Christmas a pagan holiday. Read the true story behind St. Nicholas, better knows as “Old St. Nick.” A Greek Orthodox Saint, known for his charitable giving at Christmastime.

The Great Importance of “Prophecy in Christ!” 
by Tony Galante
When it comes to the study of Bible Prophecy and the influence that Jesus Christ has in prophecy, we must ask the question, “Which is greater in accuracy and biblical truth?” Christ in Prophecy or Prophecy in Christ?

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