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Eternal Perspectives



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A Collection of Quotations on Heaven, the New Earth, and Life after Death

It’s time to fire up your imagination and rekindle a desire for Heaven in your heart! Brimming with verses, quotes, and selected passages on the topic of Heaven, the New Earth, and life after death, Eternal Perspectives is the most comprehensive collection of quotations about Heaven ever compiled. Pulling from noted authors, scholars, and theologians such as C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Alister McGrath, Martin Luther, Augustine, Max Lucado, Philip Yancey, D. L. Moody, Dallas Willard, and countless others, Eternal Perspectives is the ultimate resource for anyone looking for inspirational quotes and passages on the topic of Heaven. Whether you choose to skip around or read the volume straight through, these profound and enlightening insights will help you draw closer to the One who made you for himself and deepens your desire for the place he is making for you, and where he wants to live with you throughout eternity.

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Prophecy in the News