February 2017 PITN

February 2017 PITN



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The New Shocking Apocalyptic Timeline
Bill Salus discusses the contents of his new book, Apocalypse Road. He examines the Traditional End-time Timeline (Church Age, Seven-Year Tribulation, Millennium and Eternal Order) and contrasts it with his new Apocalyptic Timeline, which includes a Post-Rapture, Pre-Tribulation Gap Period.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 14)
Bob Cornuke continues on his search for the lost anchors of Paul’s shipwreck. In this segment, Bob is introduced to a famous archaeologist who identifies one of the anchors and determines it could possibly be from Paul’s shipwreck. Unfortunately, Bob’s visit was cut short due to his scheduled flight back to the states. Shortly before arriving in the U.S., Bob experienced a frightening occurrence at 39,000 feet in the air. What happened next will take your breath away!

 The Mystery of Stephen and the Shemitah
Dan Goodwin expounds on his theory that Stephen died on the Feast of Trumpets in the same year that Jesus was crucified. He describes how Stephen could be a spiritual veil that separates the Old Testament from the New Testament.

 Book of Enoch – What the Ancients Knew
Jeff Swanson goes on a quest to find out what God meant when He said, “But as the days of Noe were … .” His quest led him to the writings of Enoch. As he was reading, he discovered that Enoch was given an astonishing vision. You will be captivated by what Jeff discovered.

 Moses (Part 5)
J.R. Church found that each of the Ten Commandments is a prophetic picture of approximately 500 years of history. His depiction of each one will be introduced to you through a series of two commandments per month. It is astonishing how he was able to correlate them to human history. The first two deal with the worship of graven images.

 Israel: A Burdensome Stone
Dr. Kevin Clarkson takes a look at the recent sequence of events that may lead up to the return of Jesus Christ to fight for and establish His kingdom on earth. Dr. Clarkson’s explanation—and the consequences—of UN Resolution 2334 will enlighten your understanding as to why the U.S. cannot—and must not—turn its back on Israel.

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