February 2018 PITN

February 2018 PITN



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The Untold Story Behind Creation Week
This article by Dr. J.R. Church will certainly repudiate what the evolutionists say about creation. With His divine design, God created the heavens and the earth in six days, beginning on Sunday.

Kevin’s Korner
As we have the opportunity, we will give some biblical answers and our reflections on questions we receive at Prophecy in the News. You’re Questions Answered by Dr. Kevin Clarkson

About That Caliphate
Dr.Kevin Clarkson describes what caliphate means in this invigorating article. He refers to the Shiite Muslims and the Sunni Muslims as having one goal, and that is to establish a worldwide caliphate.

When Prophecy Fails
Doug Woodward reveals how failed predictions could impact our faith. This article will help you to understand the true meaning when a prophecy doesn’t come to pass.

Setting Brushfires of Liberty
New to our list of authors is Chuck Untersee. He has produced one of the most intriguing movies of our time. He describes what it is about and the people who came together to create this blockbuster.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 26)
Bob Cornuke returns to the search and rescue center where Major Manuel Mallia awaits him. The major enters the information into the computer while Bob contemplates the route Paul’s ship drifted on that stormy sea. Will Bob receive the information he’s been hoping for?

Ascension of the AI God
Our very own, Rick Boyd (magazine designer) has written an enlightening article concerning artificial intelligence and a new church called “Way of the Future.” The information shared is shocking, but Christians knew it was only a matter of time.

Amazing Discoveries
Stranger than fiction!  From the files of Dr. J.R Church‘s amazing discoveries are wonderful and timeless articles.

Evil Powers and the Coming Time of Trouble (Part 2)
In last month’s article, Dr. Don Manley wrote about the evil kings from the east. This month, he explains God’s message concerning the coming invasion of Israel and the nations involved.

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