February 2019 PITN

February 2019 PITN



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The Hook – by Ray Bentley
The “blood moon” phenomena have come and gone. People shrugged and thought, well, nothing happened. But maybe what went on behind the scenes of the world stage is just not commonly known. Let’s peek behind the curtain and look at some history and current events.

Moses on Sinai (A Picture of Christ) (Part 2) – by Dr. J.R. Church
After Moses sixth encounter, he asked the Lord to show Him glory. It is here that God promised him that, though he could not see his face, he would be allowed to see His back.

When Time Shall Be No More – by Dan Goodwin
Time has been a mystery for generations. How do you define time? Man has devised many methods for keeping up with “time” but what exactly is time? And does it exist everywhere?

The Ancient Law of Kings – by Ken Johnson, Th.D.
An event was supposed to occur in AD 32 according to Essene prophetic writing. As more Dead Sea Scrolls come to light, it will be harder for Jews to seriously reject Jesus Christ as Messiah.

Jerusalem: A Burdensome Stone – by Dr. Charles Hiltibidal
Is it not amazing that it is this one city in all the world is such a troublesome stone? Almost from the beginning of time, Jerusalem and the land around it has been in a constant state of turmoil. So, who is really behind this conflict?

Conquering Tyranny – by Bill Federer
In today’s era of hostility toward freedoms of religion and conscience, it is important to be reminded of the challenges Americans have faced in the past.

Prophecy Thread Devotional – by Jeff Swanson
Isaiah clearly foretold the Messiah as being anointed with the Holy Spirit to bring salvation and justice to the nations.

Amazing Discoveries – by Terri McInnis
Discover the Truth About the Dinosaur

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