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Many Bible-believing Christians struggle with the question of whether the earth we occupy today is old, meaning millions of years old, or is it young, only around 6,000 years old. Did God create the earth from the beginning in 6 days or did he create it and allow it to evolve over millions of years, only to destroy it and re-create it in the Genesis account of 6 days. To truly understand the Bible, we need to understand how it all began and how our world that we see today, changed dramatically during the great flood.

This special combo package offers 2 documentary films…

Is Genesis History?
Beyond Is Genesis History? Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils

First, you need to watch the original documentary, Is Genesis History?, to discover how it teaches us that the world was created and how it changed during that great flood. Learn from more than a dozen scientists and scholars as they explore the world around us in light of Genesis as they explain how the world intersects with Genesis. From rock layers to fossils, to lions and stars, this fascinating film will change the way you see the world.

A fascinating new look at the biblical, historical, and scientific evidence for Creation and the Flood. The goal of the film is to provide a positive case for Creation in six normal days, a real Adam and Eve, a global flood, and a tower of Babel. Dr. Del Tackett, the creator of “The Truth Project,” serves as your guide—hiking through canyons, climbing up mountains, and diving below the sea—in an exploration of two competing views … one compelling truth.

Bonus Features in Is Genesis History?

  • Q&A with Del Tackett & Scientists – 13min
  • The Ice Age & Climate Change: Larry Vardiman, Ph.D. – 15min
  • Engineering the Universe: Stuart Burgess, Ph.D. – 18min
  • The Church and Creation – Douglas Kelly, Ph.D. – 12min

We are excited to introduce to you a fascinating and extended study titled…

Beyond Is Genesis History? Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils

Kurt Wise Ph.D. is a Paleontologist who teaches us that from an early age, we are taught in schools that conventional science is knowledge and that knowledge is the truth. We see Christians all over the world and down through the ages that have associated conventional science with something that you can prove, but it’s just not true. We have some educated guesses called theories, but you never know for sure if a theory is true. Many Christians close their minds and their hearts to what God has put into the creation of the earth, very evidently, to teach us about Himself and to confirm what He has claimed in His Word. When we worship conventional science, we turn away from the source of real truth.

Beyond Is Genesis History? Volume 1: Rocks & Fossils is designed to give you a better understanding of the impact of the global flood on the Earth. It explores the disciplines of geology, paleontology, and atmospheric science through interviews with Dr. Del Tackett and six scientists from the original film. This documentary is over 6 ½ hours long in 20 in-depth fascinating studies that will take you to Mount St. Helens, through the wilderness and the Grand Canyon. You will visit Mt. Baker in Washington to learn when and how the Ice Age happened.  You will also visit the Natural History Museum and a fossil repository in Texas. See for yourself the evidence for a Young Earth!

Discover how the world was created in the beginning and what it was like before God destroyed it in the great flood. You will be shocked to learn how the world was totally reshaped quickly by that great flood and each expert in their field proves how that happened.

This film is truly amazing! You will never believe the earth is millions of years old again!

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