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Gods of Ground Zero



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Do you want to know a dirty little secret? Here it is. Much of the real message of the Garden of Eden has been adjusted over time. Think of the eternal ramifications of that truth. Literally, everything wrong with the world and our own personal lives, as well as the continual deluge of filth that you read in today’s headlines are directly linked to the Garden of Eden. Why is it then that we so frequently insist upon turning that vital chapter into an almost childlike bedtime story?

Get ready for the biblical ride of your life!  Author, Carl Gallups, pulls back the curtain and finally unearths the previously hidden biblical treasures about the world’s real Ground Zero. Now, you can finally discover the shocking truths for yourself.



  • Did you know the Bible tells us exactly where the original Garden of Eden was located?
  • Have you ever wondered what really happened in the Garden?
  • What is the full truth of why the Garden was created in the first place?
  • Was the Garden serpent really a walking-talking snake?
  • Did Jesus reveal deep secrets about the Garden of Eden?
  • Did you know that Jesus actually mentioned the Garden of Eden while He was on the cross?
  • Exactly what is it that Satan, and the demonic realm, is so desperately trying to hide from us?
  • How does what happened in the Garden directly relate to today s world, our personal lives, our walk with the Lord, and where eternity is actually headed?

The Bible actually reveals the explosive answers to all of these questions and so many more like them. Now, you will know an important truth.

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Prophecy in the News