God's Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal

God’s Secrets Only Hebrew Can Reveal

Book + DVD + CD


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In stock


Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi, the founder of Hebrew World, is the former director of Hebrew programs at Arizona State University and the author of “The Hebrew English Transliterated Bible,” the world’s leading Hebrew Bible program. This exciting book and DVD by Dr. Ben-Gigi, reveals 145 Revelations that English Bibles have kept in the dark! This book is “Amazing, Shocking, and Enlightening!”

Included with the book is a line-by-line Hebrew-English Phonetic New Testament on CD-ROM. It also includes an accompanying Audio CD to the book. It’s a complete Hebrew learning package. And you don’t need to read or know Hebrew to understand the uniqueness of this book.

FREE BONUS – the 2015 Hebrew/English Phonetic New Testament CD-ROM

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