Holy Land Showdown: A Conflict of Vision

Holy Land Showdown: A Conflict of Vision



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This excellent, well written study, investigates the present day “controversy” between Israel and the Arabs, especially in relation to the “Holy Land.”

The book maintains that this and related issues, are rooted in what is described as God’s oath to give the Land to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac and Jacob, as detailed in Genesis chapter 13, verses 14-17.

Amongst the matters discussed in some depth are what are designated herein as Biblical “Judea & Samaria”, (what the world largely cites as the controversial “West Bank”). Both the Biblical and political perspectives pertaining to these and other territories receive appropriate, detailed, attention.

The book also proceeds to provide significant Biblical and historical insight into the root causes of the existing tensions between Israel and her Arab neighbours and considerable prophetical insight regarding Israel’s role in the “end times”.

The study also alleges that some Christian groups have subsequently, mistakenly, endorsed the plan of a Palestinian “state” within Israel’s present borders. This particular matter receiving appropriate attention with due reference to Scripture, culminating with the book declaring that the world is on a “collision course with God” over the “status of the Land”.

Attention is also drawn to what is further described as the 1974 “Phased Plan” for the eradication of Israel as outlined in the Palestinian National Charter. Elaborating that negotiations for Palestinian “statehood” purportedly involves negotiating with authorities that have allegedly endorsed and implemented language in their governing documents which actually call for the annihilation of another people.

The showdown declared herein as “not being between kings and kingdoms but between God and man – between Sovereign Will and human reasoning” surrounding a sliver of real estate in the Middle East.

K. D. Mehlhoff gives a biblical investigation into the covenant God confirmed to Abraham reveals an astounding fact: the world views Abraham’s modern descendants as illegally occupying the very land that God promised them as an everlasting possession.

What are the implications?


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