J.R. Church Lecture Series

J.R. Church Lecture Series

3-DVDs - Live Presentations!

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1 x Legend of the Holy Grail

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1 x Birth Defect


1 x Job: The Oldest Prophecy in the Bible


J.R. Church Lecture Series includes 3-DVDs:

The Legend of the Holy Grail ($14.95 Value)
Birth Defect ($19.95 Value)
Job: The Oldest Prophecy in the Bible ($14.95 Value)

The Legend of the Holy Grail

J.R. Church delivers this lecture before a live audience in Tampa, Florida. He takes you back through European history to follow the development of the legend behind the so-called Holy Grail. Beginning with the origin of the Merovingian dynasty, he makes the connection to all the royalty of Europe and to the knights (the private armies of the kings), including the Knights Templar. There is also a connection to various branches of secret societies – Rosicrucians, Freemasons, the Illuminati, etc., – all hold a significant place in the grail legend.

According to the legend, the frail represented many things – a cup, a stone, but most significantly, the womb of Many Magdalene, from whom came the royal house of Europe. This poor woman, out of whom Jesus cast seven devils, has been made to be a harlot, though the Scriptures never portrayed her as such. Her redemption lay in the legend that Jesus fathered children by her and that their divine children bore the kings and queens of Europe. Therefore, her womb became the vessel known as the Holy Grail. In this Lecture, you will learn the outcome of the grail legend – the birth of the Antichrist!

Birth Defect

This DVD is a lecture given at a Florida Prophecy Conference in 2002 featuring J.R. Church.

J.R. talks about when Zola Levitt discovered his amazing correlation between Jewish Holy Days and the gestation of a human baby, from conception to birth. Follow the gestation of an unborn child and see how it is woven around the Jewish Holy Days.

In this lecture, recorded before a live audience, J.R. Church tells about his own birth defect, and how he lived with it unknowingly for 62 years. It was a coarctation that begins to develop in some infants on the 10th day of the 7th month during the gestation period. Remarkably, it coincides with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) when the High Priest, in Bible days, would take the blood of a sacrificial goat into the Holy of holies. In fact, J.R. shows how the entire gestation period for a human baby corresponds with the dates of the Jewish festivals, explaining that the birth process, which was unknown to man 3,500 years ago, had to be a divine design. After birth, a child goes through seven developmental stages that correspond to the seven dispensations of history. It appears that every person is a microcosm of the great macrocosm of human history. If a year in the life of a human being corresponds with a century of human history, then the 70-year life span noted in the Bible represents 7,000 years in God’s grand plan of the ages.

Job: The Oldest Prophecy in the Bible

It appears that Job was the first book written in the Bible – written before Moses gave us the book of Genesis.
It is possible that Job was the son of Issachar, listed among the 70 people who accompanied Jacob into Egypt at the invitation of Joseph in Genesis 46: 13: “And the sons of Issachar: Tola, and Phuvah, and Job, and Shimron.”

If so, then Job was written during the years of Egyptian bondage as a comfort to the suffering Israelites – assuring them that someday, God would redeem them from their plight.

J.R. Church tells you who he was, where he lived, and what his story means for Israel and you. The book is a prophecy fulfilled throughout the history of the human race. Job represents the “Chosen People” who have suffered one calamity after another throughout history – The cruelty of Egypt, the Assyrian Captivity of 722 B.C., the Babylonian Captivity of 606 B.C., and the Roman oppression during the first century. Follow the story in this lecture given before a live audience.


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