Jacob's Trouble 666

Jacob’s Trouble 666


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  • Jacob’s Trouble is a novel by Terry James that presents a dynamic mix of fact and fiction. It smoothly moves the reader through a powerful conclusion.
  • A deeply intertwined mystery of international intrigue, clandestine geopolitical manipulations and murderous betrayals
  • An invasion into the Middle East that incites the wrath of God
  • The bloody, liberty-devouring beast-state that lurks perhaps just beyond the next world crisis
  • A deadly religious system of electronic bondage
  • The Interface fuhrer who spellbinds planet Earth
  • The 666 mark of worship and enslavement
  • Two holy men who have the power to bring devastating plagues

Paradoxically, Jacob’s horrific circumstances dynamically unfold through a compelling love story of many dimensions. Jacob Zen ambitiously climbs toward a top position within the US government, only to have his plans explode into chaos. He reacts through computer technology with Interface, humankind’s ultimately evolved beast-state government of absolute control. Drug-induced flashbacks plunge him into that past time when there was yet hope–while life with Karen promised a future filled with great hope and expectation. When Jacob’s life flies apart in one terrifying instant, events viciously sweep him toward a savage era beyond comprehension or endurance. He struggles mightily through his nightmarish world while powerful forces push and pull at him as he tries desperately to find Karen, the love of his life, who has been taken from him by the monstrous dictatorship. Yet other forces even more powerful influence his every thought, his every action, and propel him unerringly through the vortex of history toward some seemingly predetermined destination.



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