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The Now Prophecies: Where are We on God’s Timeline?
This article is an introduction to a new book, The NOW Prophecies, written by our dear friend Bill Salus. Bill relates to prophecies in Ezekiel and Obadiah as to why the Arab states were established. Obadiah predicted the rise of Israel’s Defense Force. After winning three regional wars, the Jewish refugees became the most powerful army in the Middle East. What was the reason for the wars? The answer is found in the article. Once you have finished reading this article, you will certainly want to purchase the book and DVD. It will help you to understand the complete prophecies.

A Tradition is Born (Part 2)
After studying the writings of Luke and dissecting the book of Acts, Bob Cornuke provides a descriptive account of the shipwreck of Paul. Here again, you will feel that you are on the ship with Paul. After 14 days of agonizing fear, the crew made landfall off the coast of Malta. Would Bob’s theory be correct? Would he find the anchors from the shipwreck? Read this article and continue the journey with him.

Pseudo-Christian Cults
Billy Crone has written this magnificent article about the rise of apostasy in the Church and the false teachings that are being implemented in Christianity. He reveals three very popular religions and enlightens you on their beliefs. He not only exposes the different viewpoints, but how vulnerable Christians are today. You may be shocked to find out who is in one of those cults.

The Battle of Armageddon (Part 1)
The title speaks for itself. Evangelist Donald Perkins has gone into great depth to describe the great and terrible day of the Lord. He explains what the Battle of Armageddon is and what it means. He uncovers the interpretation of various chapters of Revelation, Isaiah, and Joel. Don informs us as to why the Battle of Armageddon must be fought. You will be enlightened by what Don has written.

In this amazing article written by J.R. Church, you will see how Jephthah is a prophetic profile of Jesus Christ. The comparison is astonishing. For instance, did you know that Jephthah was rejected and thrown out of his house? Does this sound familiar? Jesus was also rejected by His people. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of how Jephthah is a type of Jesus Christ. J.R. certainly had a gift for writing about prophecy.

Trending Toward Terrorism
Dr. Kevin Clarkson has written the most incredible article about Muslims and the fear that they have bestowed upon us. He examines the tactics of terror and goes into great detail about events that have taken place in the United States. From 1968 to 2014, Muslims have impacted the West with terror. This article will inform you about Islam and what we must do to protect our future.

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News