January 2019 PITN

January 2019 PITN



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Three Attributes of the Last Days’ Church – by Dan Goodwin
We are living in the final hours of the Church Age. Though there is disagreement concerning when the church was founded, most agree the church was started by Christ upon the foundation of the 12 apostles nearly 2,000 years ago.

Moses on Sinai (A Picture of Christ) (Part 1) – by Dr. J.R. Church
Studying the life and ministry of Moses offers a fascinating prophetic profile of the Messiah. Moses could humbly – and rightly – say that Christ would bear certain characteristics demonstrated in his own life.

Is the Bible Still Accurate After 2,000 Years? – by Terri McInnis
How accurate are modern translations of the Bible such as the New International Version and the New Revised Standard Version? What are the differences in the King James Version and modern translations today?

Tradition (Part 2) – by Bob Cornuke
There are traditions that the Bible itself started. The celebration of the Passover and other Jewish feasts were important for the Jews in maintaining their identity as the people of the Most High God. However, the Bible also makes it clear that man-made traditions should never be used to nullify the Word of God.

Prophecy Thread Devotional – by Jeff Swanson
God is omniscient. Proverbs 8 states that before He ever created anything, He had wisdom. This wisdom is His plan. It cannot be altered. He sees the beginning from the end.

The Kingdom of Heaven – by Don Manley, Ph.D.
The skeptics often say, “We don’t believe that these things are going to happen, and we don’t believe in any coming earthly kingdom. How can you be so sure?” Our reply is: “We know these things will happen because the Bible declares it, and God always keeps His promises.”

Amazing Discoveries – by Terri McInnis
Royal Treasures of Ur

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