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Starting in Genesis - 16 Hours on 8 DVDs - TWO FREE BONUS DVDs

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Ending in Revelation

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Starting in Genesis (16 Hours on 8 DVDs)
by Jeff Swanson

This sixteen session series is a complete biblical science worldview model, beginning with the creation week and continues with exact modern calculation of the age of the earth. Jeff ties modern science to God’s Word, by utilizing Hebrew word studies to increase you faith in the Bible answering tough questions:

How can we trust the Bible is true?
When and what method did God use for creation?
How can we see distant starlight in a young universe?
When was Satan’s creation and fail?
How did human sin corrupt creation?
What was the world like before the catastrophic flood of Noah’s day?
Are their evidences of dinosaurs and people living together?
Can we see evidences today of a catastrophic worldwide flood?
Where does the ice age fit into the Bible?
Does archeology confirm the Bible as the foundation of world history?
Ending in Revelation (16 Hours on 8 DVDs)
by Jeff Swanson
This DVD series starts with eternity and works backwards through time to today. If you have ever felt confused trying to understand the prophecies in the Bible, this series is for you!

Today, truth is attacked from every media source in an all-out assault against your faith. This DVD series is an exciting new resource available to annihilate doubt and disbelief as you continue your quest for truth. It will take you on a journey that delves deeper into the final chapters of God’s plan clarifying the 2,500+ verses of prophecy still yet to be fulfilled. It starts with eternity and works back to today. Ending in Revelation empowers you with answers to the tough questions:

What does the Bible say eternity looks like?
What are the two-possible destinies every person faces?
What does the earth look like after Jesus returns?
What is God’s future for Israel?
What does the future resurrection look like?
What makes the concept of the rapture so controversial?
What is God’s purpose for a tribulation period?
What prophecies have already been fulfilled in our lifetime?

As a FREE BONUS, we are giving away two special DVDs with messages from Jeff Swanson, Jonathan Cahn and Dan Goodwin. These messages were recorded live at our 2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit – March 2015.

These special messages are:
Disc 6 –
Jonathan Cahn – Things to Come: Shemitah’s Harbingers & What Lie Ahead
Jeff Swanson – His interview with Doug and Joe Hagmann
Disc 7 –
Jeff Swanson – The Mystery of the Three Harvest of Israel
Dan Goodwin – God’s Final Jubilee

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