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Political, Military, Economic, and Religious Implications

Incredible discoveries have been unearthed in Jerusalem that has the potential to send shock waves throughout Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world.

The location of Solomon’s Temple may have been found in Jerusalem. However, this site is not on the Temple Mount in the traditional spot currently occupied by the Muslim-held Dome of the Rock. Rather it is in an area owned and controlled by Israel in the City of David.

This eye-opening book examines the profound repercussions that will take place when the announcement is made that the Temple is being rebuilt. As you will learn, the implications are military, economic, social, informational,
infrastructural, religious, and geostrategic.

Says the author, “We are watching history unfold before our very eyes.”

The construction of the Third Temple will occur in our lifetimes―and will
change the world as we know it.

In a review by Robert Cornuke, author of Temple, he states, “The true location of Solomon’s temple has been discovered. This must-read book tells us what’s next.”