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As It Was…So Shall It Be
Dr. Clarkson explains how the world is returning to the days of Noah. He gives us two explains from the Old Testament of how the last days will be, and how God will find His people living. After reading this article you will get a clear picture of how we should be living for the Lord in these last days.

The Miracle of Israel: God’s Hand in History (Part 2)
Gary Frazier continues to unravel the history of God’s plan for His people. He refers back to the days the Jews were in bondage for 400 years in Egypt. After Moses led the people out of Egypt, they remained in the wilderness for forty years. It wasn’t until the last of the unbelieving had passe away, that the Lord allowed them to go to the Promised Land. Did they obey God when they arrived? When you read this article, the question will be answered.

The Four Final Religions After the Rapture
Bill Salus describes the final four religions that will be left after the rapture. We know that true Christianity will continue people will be saved during the seven years tribulation. But what about the other three religions? Once you have read this article you will get a better picture of what will happen during the tribulation.

Ararat– Is it the Place of the Lost Ark of Noah?
Bob Cornuke continues the search for Noah’s Ark. His research uses the Bible and many other books from the past to help explore the possibilities of where it could be. Go along with Bob as he uncovers the various prospects of the ancient Mt. Ararat in his search for the lost ark.

In chapter three of J.R.’s “Prophetic Profiles” he describes Joseph as a prophetic profile of the coming Messiah. There are over 100 parallels between the life of Joseph and the ministry of Christ. Dr. Church will take some events from the life if Joseph and examine the prophetic parallel of the ministry of our Lord and Savior-Jesus Christ. You will certainly enjoy his article about Joseph.

How the Profit Principle Change My Financial Life
Jerry Robinson has written another wonderful article on the subject of saving for a rainy day. He goes into great depth of how important it is to start saving. He explains how the “Profit Principle” will help each of us to save-starting with a little and working up to saving a lot.

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News