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July 2016 PITN



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As in the Days of Noah: The Coming Pole Shift
Brent Miller, Sr., has written a compelling article about what may have happened in Noah’s day to initiate the flood. Was it a pole shift that brought it on? Could a pole shift occur again? The book of Revelation describes mountains and islands being moved from their places. Will these be caused by a pole shift of an even more devastating nature?

A Tradition is Born (Part 8)
Bob Cornuke and his crew have just completed a dive. Back on shore, he asked Ray to tell him about Tony and the anchor. Ray goes into great detail about Tony and his credibility with the people that live there. After hearing the story, Bob could feel the heartache that Ray had, even 25 years later.

J.R. Church describes how Samuel’s birth correlates with the miracle birth of Christ. Samuel was one of seven miracle births in the Old Testament and his name means “renowned” in Hebrew. J.R. paints a beautiful picture of the life of Samuel and the life of our Savior.

James Madison and Religious Freedom.
William (Bill) Federer has composed a historical account of President James Madison and how he was the first to write about the religious freedoms that Americans have come to enjoy. A prime example was Article 16 of the Virginia Declarations of Rights, drafted by James Madison and George Mason and ratified on June 12, 1776.

Book of Enoch: Written for Our Generation
Jeff Swanson explains that the Book of Enoch is actually a book of collected fragments written by Enoch and Noah. So, why was it excluded from the Bible? And why should we read the Book of Enoch today? Swanson answers both questions in this informative article.

Caught Up Into Glory.
The conclusion of Dr. Kevin Clarkson’s look at the transfiguration of Jesus. Do you know that God, Himself, planned the Mount of Transfiguration as an unforgettable lesson about the return of His Son? This is a captivating examination of the transformation of our Lord Jesus Christ and its implication for the raptured church.

Prophecy Thread Devotion by Jeff Swanson

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News