June 2018 PITN

June 2018 PITN



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Gospel Written in the Stars (Part 1)
Dr. J.R. Church has written a most inspiring article about God naming each star and the story that they tell. The stars declare the glory of God as seen in the coming of our Savior. You’ll be enlightened about what you learn from his mini-series about the Gospel Written in the Stars.

Something Serious About Syria
Dr. Kevin Clarkson’s play on words is certainly true. The situation in Syria today involves agents from Iran and Russia. Ezekiel foretold how they would gather on the mountains north of Israel in the “latter days.”

Kevin’s Korner
As we have the opportunity, we will give some biblical answers and our reflections on questions we receive at Prophecy in the News. You’re Questions Answered by Dr. Kevin Clarkson

Marxism Attacks Christianity
Our newest addition to Prophecy in the News, Daniel Secomb, ex­plains how serious radical activists are taking over the United States and how political history is being played out.

The Battle for Planet Earth
Dan Goodwin’s seven-sealed book is one of the great prophetic mys­teries of all the Bible, as well as the key to understanding the entire book of Revelation.

 Amazing Discoveries
In these biblical times, we live in seeing the amazing discoveries unfold.

Should a Christian Become a Mason?
Doc Marquis has engulfed himself in the subject of Masonry. There are many Christians who do not understand the satanic rituals that are included in the Masonic Lodge.

 Red Dragon Rising: The Petroyuan vs the Petrodollar
Jerry Robinson’s article is most intriguing on the economic power of China. According to at least one study, by 2032, China is poised to surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 30)
Bob Cornuke has spent the last two years searching for the four an­chors only to be told that there could be more. Could that be possible? Will the search for more anchors continue?

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