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March 2017 PITN



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Israel Is Central Theme of Prophecy
J.R. Church wrote this article for our newspaper more than 35 years ago, and it is still relevant today. For the past centuries, Israel has been going through difficult times. Some people think that God has turned His back on the Jewish people, but after reading this article you will understand that Israel is still the apple of God’s eye.

What Are the Signs of These Times?
Dr. Clarkson has written a very intense article in regard to the “signs of the time.” Since our new president has taken office, Christians feel that our Lord has given us a second chance. But how we respond could well shape the security of our future. We really need to pray more than ever for guidance and understanding.

Blind Leading the Blind
Jerry Robinson goes to great length explaining what the Lord meant in Matthew 15:14. In the complete spiritual darkness, men turn to each other for the answers that only God can provide.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 15)
In our last episode, Bob Cornuke left us with an emergency landing in Newfoundland on September 11, 2001. Just the date 9/11 brings back memories of what happened that dreadful day, Bob reflects on his detour to Newfoundland and compares it to Paul’s shipwreck.

The Case for Zionism
Thomas Ice has written a new book, and this article will introduce you to its important topic. The Case for Zionism is a book about how God is bringing to pass His plan—from before the foundation of the world—for Israel. After reading this article, you will better understanding why Christians should take a stand for Israel.

New Age or New Ager?
Billy Crone has done it again. In this fascinating article, he goes in-depth to help you understand about the New Age Lie and how deceiving it is. Most of the population in America, even the Church, are actually practicing New Agers and don’t even realize it. It has also infiltrated the media and the educational system. Billy explains what to look for and how it affects society.

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