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March 2019 PITN



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The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Part 1) – by Don Perkins
The Second Coming of Christ is one of the most spectacular super-natural events that will one day occur. Jesus describes this event – and the time period leading up to it – as a time the world has never seen. He did not hide the ugly details nor the glorious victories. He warned of the tragedies, but also gave loving instructions to any who would heed the warnings.

The Armageddon Syndrome (Part 1) – by Dr. J.R. Church
During the 20th century, Jews were accused of controlling all money, causing all depressions, creating inflation, and plotting the conquest of the world. Some people think the Jews own everything. Jew accusers today are simply following the lead of the anti-Semitics before them.

Battling Truth Decay – by Dr. Kevin Clarkson
Imagine growing up, watching the Lord Jesus, and becoming a believer after His resurrection. Then writing an epistle detailing salvation in Christ; one filled with various warnings. And while some of Jude has similarities with 2 Peter, his own emphasis is vital and urgent.

Have You Ever Been Wounded By God’s People? – by Terri McInnis
Have you ever felt wounded in the heart by another person who says they are a Christian? We see it in our churches, in our Bible ministries, and even in our families. We expect it from the outside world, but what are we to do when it happens from those who claim they are Christian?

United States and Israel: A Pivotal Time – by Gary H. Kah
As we begin 2019, many Americans are hoping for a more peaceful year politically. After all the negativity and divisiveness of the last few years, people have grown weary and long for a “timeout” from all the political tension and chaos. I am among those. I wish I could say that things will become more civil. But, truthfully, I believe just the opposite will happen.

Amazing Discoveries – by Terri McInnis
Israeli Scientists Believe They Found a Cure for Cancer!

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