May 2017 PITN

May 2017 PITN



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Double, Double Toil And Trouble –
Dr. Kevin Clarkson has written an outstanding article on the promo­tion of the dark arts of the occult and evil in today’s society. Christi­anity is viewed as intolerant, hateful, and exclusive, while immorality is celebrated, and virtue is mocked or ignored. In the region where the First Awakening began, many people refer to Bible-believers as “evil-gelicals.” This will enlighten your understanding on the subject.

Kevin’s Korner

The Importance of Prophecy –
Sir Isaac Newton was a theologian, author, and an avid student of Bi­ble prophecy. In this article, he explains why people must study the many prophecies in the Bible. If God did not want us to know and study them, then He would not have allowed them in His Book.

Moses (Part 7) –
In J.R. Church’s last installment on the Ten Commandments, he guides you through the remaining five commandments, starting with the sixth and ending with the tenth. You will learn about each 500- year period and how each foreshadows one of the commandments.

A Tradition Is Born (Part 17) –
Bob Cornuke will now take us on a journey to the northeastern fron­tier of Afghanistan. As Bob enters the city of Jalālābād, he is met by a Pushtun tribal leader named Nastrula. The next day, Bob would be traveling to Kabul to locate the women’s prison. Will he encounter danger along the way? You will discover what happens when you read this very intriguing article.

The Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ (Part 2) –
In the conclusion of this article, Don Perkins explains that there is a spiritual kingdom and a physical Kingdom of Christ. The Kingdom of Christ that is within us now, is spiritual. The physical Kingdom is yet to be fulfilled in the future. Don goes into great detail to explain the prophecies that are related to them.

Who is the King in America?
With so much conflict today about the elections, William (Bill) Fed­erer answers the question: “Who is supposed to rule America?” The original intent of our Constitution clearly reveals the PEOPLE are the only sovereigns. Our government was founded upon the people, not a one-rule government. That is why our country is so great.

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