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For many years, Uri Harel, an Israeli Hebrew teacher, deeply believed that there was music contained within the pages of the Bible. Uri knew of the ancient Jewish tradition that taught that God used the Bible and the 22 Hebrew letters as a blueprint for the Creation of the world. Current evidence indicates that the original text of the Hebrew Bible is multi-layered and goes much deeper than the surface text. Divine codes seem to be imbedded in the Bible and Harel believed that each one of the layers of this complex text would be musical. In June of 1997, after researching the various musical aspects found in the Bible, Uri assigned a musical note to each Hebrew letter and simply let the Bible play itself! And the results were stunning. This music is beautiful and meditative. Part of the music sounds like ocean waves. Other parts fill the listener’s spirit with joy. Tradition tells us that hearing the Psalms in Hebrew brings healing to the sick. The combination of Hebrew syllables apparently produces this wonderful effect.

Danny Ben-Gigi, the owner of Hebrew World, shared many other similar stories with us, stories of both pain relief and supernatural healing via the Psalms. One amazing phenomenon was recently discovered in Psalm 148. When the musical score is placed in a graphic presentation, a vivid imprint of The Star of David appears in the visual graph at the sound of the word, Hallejuah! The six-pointed star appears on the third syllable, at the sound of “Yah,” meaning God in Hebrew. These findings are confirmation that the Bible is multi-layered and that God has imbedded music in its pages.
There are 3 Audio CDs in the Music From God Series:
Volume 1: Music From God: Psalms For Meditation and Worship Item # CD524
Volume 2: Music From God: Days of Majesty: An enjoyable melodic quality Item # CD525
Volume 3: Music From God: For Meditation and Worship CD526