Mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet (Sets)

Mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet (Sets)

7-DVD Set


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Most English speaking Christians know little about the original language of the Old Testament. Though this series may not provide lessons on how to read Hebrew, there are many biblical truths to be learned from the language used by Moses and the prophets. Hebrew’s 22 letters have special meanings that open secrets heretofore unknown to most Christian theologians.

This series will give the Christian a new inspiration for the Divine inspiration of Scripture, convincing proof that God alone could have given mankind, not only the Bible but the very letters and words which comprise sacred Scripture.

This set includes seven-DVD discs with 28-half hour programs covering a wide range of treasures to be found in the Hebrew alphabet.

The subjects include:
The meanings of the Hebrew letters and how their themes are apparent in the book of Revelation.
The Old Testament.
The New Testament.
The Alpha and Omega
The book of Leviticus
Psalm 119
John’s Gospel
The Twenty-Two Mysteries of the Bible.

J.R. Church, along with Gary reveal…
The mysteries of the Reversed Nun
The Missing Vav
The Vav in Jacob’s name
The Hay in Abraham’s name
The nineteenth letter Koph
The twenty-second Psalm.

You will be enchanted with the beauty of the Hebrew letters and how they are used in Scripture!

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