November 2015 PITN

November 2015 PITN



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Pinpointing Daniel’s Seventy Weeks.
Doug Stauffer has written a phenomenal article on Daniel’s Seventy Weeks. In this two part article (continued next month), Doug clearly explains the true meaning of God’s purpose and plan. You will understand the seven weeks, sixty-two weeks, and one week. He goes on to describe how God splits the seven years into two halves allocating forty-two months or 1,260 days, or time, times, and half a time. After reading this remarkable article, you will have a better idea of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks.

Will Americans Perish from Lack of Prophetic Knowledge?
This outstanding article written by Bill Salus will define the many aspects of Scripture pertaining to America and the prophetic signs in the Bible. He will answer questions such as: Should America still hope in II Chronicles 7:14? Bill will go on to explain his thoughts about Hosea 4:6 and what it means for America. He warns each of us to study the prophetic word of God – not just read the Bible – and delve deeper into the prophecies. God wrote them for us to study, and we need to obey Him.

Fast Hike (Part 2).
Bob Cornuke and his team arrive at their destination only to be in shock at what they find. They explore the top of Mt. Ararat searching for the spot where Dick Bright saw the Ark. At last, after spending too much time on the top, they locate the object in Bright’s photo. But the journey isn’t over. As the saying goes: “What goes up, must come down.” This proved to be the most horrifying ordeal they encountered so far. Once again, Bob will leave you hanging in suspense.

Misapprehensions, Money, and Moons.
In this article, Dr. Kevin Clarkson explains what took place in September – Shemitah year and the Blood Moon. He talks about the stock markets around the world, the U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, and the tetrads of the blood moons in the current and previous years. After reading his input on this Shemitah year, you will understand the implications of what took place in September of this year.

Don’t Shoot the Messengers.
Russ Breault gives his contribution to the infamous September concerns. He explains that nothing remarkable happened on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or the Feast of Tabernacles – the final blood moon. No huge financial collapse occurred … but what did take place in September? Was it a joke? Once you finish reading his article, you will discover the answer to this question.

J.R. Church wrote this brilliant article about the life of David and the prophetic parallels between the events recorded in his life and those great prophetic events which shall be fulfilled by Israel and the return of Jesus Christ. Even though J.R. Church wrote this in 1982 and some of the timeline has changed, the overall commentary is a masterpiece. You will certainly enjoy how David’s life correlates with what is happening in the Middle East today.

Prophecy in the News

Prophecy in the News