November 2018 PITN

November 2018 PITN



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What’s at Stake
Dr. Kevin Clarkson reminds us that the effects of this midterm election are going to resonate for a long time and impact the direction our nation takes for the near future. More than ever, Americans are faced with the choice of nationalism vs. globalism and freedom vs. tyranny.

The Mystery of the Menorah
Dr. J.R. Church explores the history, mystery and legends that surround the Menorah – the golden lampstand that once graced the Mosaic Tabernacle and the Temple of King Solomon. Could its greatest mystery be its prophetic connection to the Servant Messiah, Jesus Christ?

Why does God Seem to Hide Himself?
According to Daniel Secomb, the most common question of atheists is, “If God is real, why does He seemingly make it so difficult for non-believers to know that He is there?” But is this really true? Using God’s Word, Secomb shows that God is not hiding from those who have eyes to see.

The Relentless Far-Left
Gary Kah discusses the true agendas and strategies of the Far-left. He then makes a compelling case for why Americans must take a stand for Christ while defending our Constitutional freedoms. Otherwise, God will allow history to run its course and evil to prevail.

Seven Clocks A Tickin’
Dan Goodwin reveals seven clocks that are ticking down in our generation. These “clocks” are all pointing to five minutes to midnight. The unveiling of these “clocks” will help in your understanding of God’s divine plan for the end-times.

Amazing Discoveries by Terri McInnis
Rare 2,000-Year-Old Inscription Discovered Bearing the Full Name of Jerusalem

Two Moral Lessons from the American Revolution
Jerry Robinson introduces two moral lessons he has gleaned as a lifelong student of the Bible and American history. Both may challenge your thinking about bloodshed and rebellion, especially when brothers and sisters in Christ are involved.

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Prophecy in the News