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November 2019 PITN



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Celebrating 40 Years!


Jesus Devastates an Old Earth (Part 1)
The entire Bible stands or falls on the truthfulness of Christ, and the crux of the old earth vs. new earth issue is either you trust God’s Word … or you don’t. By Bodie Hodge


Money: God’s 2nd Most Important End-Time Prophecy (Part 3)
All wars, it seems, are fought over money, and the real winners are the rich, who control the international banks and manipulate governments. By Dr. J.R. Church


The Sin of the Modern Day Prophecy Movement
Many are led astray by the strange and sensational teachings from many mainstream prophecy ministries because they have strayed from the basic laws of discerning the Scriptures. By Dan Goodwin


The Time Has Come!
By the phrase “the time has come,” what is meant is that the symptoms of the end times are clearly here and so boldly staring us in the face that no one can legitimately deny them! By Tony Galante


What’s in a Name?
Much emphasis is placed on the meaning of a person’s name, yet it is much more important to understand the meanings for the many names of God in the Bible. By Tabitha Walter (Editor)


Prophecy Thread Devotional
It is with great awe one comprehends that Jesus knew He would have to go to the cross before humanity was created. God knows the beginning and the end. The end is so glorious for Him and the believer that it was worth going to a cross to die, so we could eternally be with the loving heavenly Father.
By Jeff Swanson

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